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32 Heart-Wrenching Fictional Deaths That Ruined Your Childhood

Grab a Kleenex.

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1. E.T., E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

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"When I was 8 I saw E.T. for the first time and I cried so hard during the dying scene. It was the first time I learned that a movie could make you cry. I watched it again last week as a grown-ass man and bawled again." —Will Varner


8. Matthew Cuthbert, Anne of Green Gables


"He was such a sweet and loving character, discreet but always supportive of Anne from the very beginning. I just really loved him and it broke my heart when he died. To this day, my mother still talks about how much I bawled when we first watched it." —Marie Telling


9. Artax, The Neverending Story

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"I will never get over the Artax moment from The Neverending Story. He literally drowned in sadness, which is how I feel every time I think of it." —Erin Schmalfeld

10. Sandy, Growing Pains


"On Growing Pains when Carol Seaver's boyfriend Sandy (played by Matthew Perry) drove drunk and crashed his car and was fine but then died of internal bleeding. I doubt there's an M.D. more vigilant about internal bleeding than I am." —Sally Tamarkin


13. Rosalind Shays, L.A. Law

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"This will definitely mark me as a Very Old Person but when whatsherface fell down the elevator shaft in L.A. Law it opened up a whole new world of terror. Still check every time an elevator door opens that it's really there." —Miriam Elder

14. Marissa Cooper, The O.C.


"When Marissa died in The O.C., I wept. WEPT. Haven't they been through enough? You just wanted so badly for them to have a chance. And the Imogen Heap cover of 'Hallelujah' as Ryan carried Marissa from the burning car? *chokes backs tears*" —Elamin Abdelmahmoud

15. The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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"When Arnold dies in the end of Terminator 2. He's technically a humanoid robot — T-800 or Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 — but he learns to love, or at least convert into 1s and 0s, what love is. He has one of the ultimate lines in movie history, "Now I know why it is...that you humans cry," and he also gives Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton, who have both grown to adore and rely on him, a thumbs-up as he descends into the molten steel that will melt his CPU. Furlong begs him, screechingly beseeches him, not to self-terminate. But he has to. Because he knows he will be used for the wrong reasons." —Joe Bernstein

16. Old Yeller, Old Yeller

Walt Disney Pictures

"I know this is ~serious old school~ but I will never forget when I was a kid and watched Tommy Kirk shoot Old Yeller and I absolutely do not want to talk about it anymore or I will take the rest of the day off to go home and hug my dog." —Ali Watkins


17. Optimus Prime, The Transformers: The Movie

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"Optimus Prime in the Transformers animated film from, uh, 1986. I never actually thought evil could prevail but, hell, it actually happens. What else is an 8-year-old expected to believe?" —Joel Anderson

20. Frank Wolff, Tintin

"OK, this is really obscure, but something that's always haunted me is this character in a Tintin TV movie who steps out of a rocket coming back from the moon because they're running out of oxygen." —Matthew Champion


21. Arnold's parents, Hey Arnold!


"The Hey Arnold episode called 'Parents Day,' where Grandpa tells Arnold the truth about his parents, had me bawling my eyes out. Not sure if it's technically a TV death, since his parents got on a plane to Africa and were never found. But everything about that episode, including the special end-credits theme song, really messed me up." —Shayan Roy

23. The corpse in the elevator, Case Closed

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"Japanese anime Case Closed's episode 'Library Murder Case' was scarring because a) the killer was like a haunting ghost during the night in a closed library — every time he suddenly showed up I felt my heart stopped beating, and b) it was just both clever and super scary that he thought of hiding a corpse above an elevator, and I couldn't stare at the screen when the plot was revealed by smart Conan." —Beimeng Fu


27. The doggy hell scene, All Dogs Go to Heaven

Sullivan Bluth Studios

"It's a different kind of death scene where the dog has already died but, after breaking the rules, gets kicked out of heaven forever, and as he descends down to earth you hear the voice of the Angel Dog echoing, 'You can never come backkkk...' It was really fucking dark and that's saying a lot for a movie about DEAD FUCKING DOGS." —Jesse McLaren


29. Casper, Casper

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"When I realised Casper is actually dead in the Christina Ricci film, I was so upset. He was just a little boy when he died — and Devon Sawa did NOT deserve to die." —Caitlin Jinks