17 People (And A Corgi) Who Prove Everyone Looks Better In Glasses

    Four for you, Four-Eyes. You go, Four-Eyes.

    Let's start with a basic fact:

    They're like an Instagram filter for sexy.


    Note how this pair makes Ryan Gosling's perfect face even more perfect.

    Adding glasses makes Christina Hendricks even more sultry, if at all possible.

    These glasses frame John Legend's make-love-to-me eyes.

    And Rashida Jones werks her thick black frames without looking too hipstery.

    It's like they added a Lo-Fi filter TO THEIR FACES.

    Anderson Cooper loves how he looks in glasses so much, he made this his Twitter photo.

    He doubled up his handsomeness with glasses AND an Insta-filter. Whoa.

    Glasses also have practical applications.

    For example, glasses add some brain to Chris Evans' brawn.

    And they highlight Alicia Keys' fierce eyeshadow.

    Alternately, Matt Bomer uses them to sheath his piercing baby blues.

    And Jon Hamm's pair contains his smolder when it's JUST TOO MUCH.

    See? Lebron James gets the appeal of glasses.

    Those frames don't even have a grade, what are you doing Lebron. Oh that's right, looking MEGA-DAPPER.

    Even goddesses like Hillary Clinton rock bifocals.

    Better vision means better texts.

    Meryl Streep's glasses make a statement.

    "I am 64 and FABULOUS."

    And of course, Tina Fey defined sexy spectacles.

    Make them your signature look, like Rachel Maddow has.

    Or Harry Potter.*

    *J.K., Darren Criss.

    You might even get an endorsement deal out of it, like Eva Mendes.

    Here she is smizing it up for Vogue Eyewear.

    Make your glasses so iconic that no photos will exist of you without them, like Ira Glass.

    In case you need more proof, HERE'S A CORGI WEARING GLASSES.

    So skip the contacts and put on those bifocals.