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    33 Products For People Who Love To Eat, But Suck At Cooking

    Goodbye stress, goodbye mess, hello delicious food.

    1. A set of silicone cups that'll make cooking perfectly poached eggs so much easier. Family doesn't think you can cook breakfast? YOLK'S ON THEM!

    2. A set of stainless-steel finger guards to let you hone your knife skills without lit'rally putting those hands on the chopping block.

    The guard on a finger chopping carrots

    3. A beautifully informative print, which'll identify and describe herbs and spices so you can kick your food up a notch when it comes to flavor.

    The poster, with images of spices, their names, and notes about them

    4. A set of shredding claws with handles so you can transform a store-bought rotisserie chicken into a HUGE variety of meals with ease — and without burning your fingers or getting them greasy.

    Hands shredding a rotisserie chicken with the black claws

    Seriously, the number of gourmet meals you can make with a grocery store rotisserie chicken is incredible!! Plus, you don't have to worry about dealing with raw meat. 🙌

    A header image of "24 cheap and easy meals you can make with rotisserie chicken" with photos of example recipes

    5. A silicone safeguard to prevent your pot from boiling over and getting pasta water all over your cooktop. Are you as TIRED of scrubbing as I am?!

    A reviewer's pot not boiling over due to the silicone tool

    6. An Instant Pot cooker that'll (deep breath) pressure cook, slow-cook, make rice, sauté, make yogurt, steam food...and also keep your dinner warm.

    7. And a copy of the Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook to get you started whipping up deliciousness in your new multitasking miracle.

    The cover of the book

    8. A handheld grater with two different-size grating blades so you can whip up the easiest and tastiest meal: cacio e pepe (aka pasta with pepper, butter, and grated cheese, plus a little reserved pasta water).

    9. And a two-in-one bowl and colander set that'll let them drain the pasta without forgetting to save some of the water to add to the sauce. Instant silkiness is theirs!

    The green bowl with metal colander suspended inside, with fruit being washed inside of it

    10. The Flavor Bible, a cookbook and guide to creating mouth-watering combinations of ingredients, textures, and temperatures for all skill levels as you develop confidence in the kitchen. It has over 1,000 5-star reviews alone, BTW!

    The cover of the book with text "the essential guide to culinary creativity, based on the wisdom of America's most imaginative chefs"

    11. A set of measuring spoons for those hard-to-guess amounts that'll add juuuuust the right amount of flavor.

    The set of drop, smidgen, pinch, dash, and tad measuring spoons

    12. A 4-in-1 burger press and stuffed patty mold that'll help you whip up a Jucy Lucy in the comfort of your own home — (you won't even have to wear pants).

    Patties showing the different sizes: stuffed patty, 1/2-3/4 lb. patty, 1/4 lb patty and slider

    13. A handy-dandy aluminum baking tray (or two), so you can try all 18,000 of those sheet pan dinner recipes you've seen with minimal effort. All you need is a protein + veggies + salt + oil + any seasonings you want. That is IT.

    A sheet pan with salmon, potatoes, lemon slices, and asparagus on it

    14. And a set of silicone baking liners to make stuck-on foods (looking at you, fish!) a thing of the past. Just pop it on your sheet pan and bake away.

    A reviewer with the mats on two half sheets and one quarter sheet, each topped with roasted veggies

    15. A sushi-making kit that'll help you ~roll~ like a professional. Just whip up some sticky rice, and load 'er up with your favorite fresh veggies and fish.

    The kit, staged with sushi and ingredients

    16. A pair of herb scissors guaranteed to make you say, "Chopping skills? Who needs 'em!"

    Hands using the scissors to chop scallions

    17. An emulsifying bottle with a built-in blender ball for flavorful homemade salad dressings, marinades, and sauces you'll want to drizzle on everything. No more flavorless food, and no more relying on store-bought sauces.

    18. A set of square rings to effortless make fried eggs perfectly sized for topping a piece of avocado toast.

    Eggs on a griddle cooking in the square rings so they fit on toast

    19. An adjustable rolling pin that'll flatten dough to the uniform height of your choice — anywhere from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch. No more wonky pie crusts or cut-out cookies that don't bake evenly!

    20. A set of five stainless-steel mixing bowls with silicone non-stick bottoms, because whether you're creaming together frosting, tossing together the ingredients for a pasta salad, or whisking eggs to make a scramble, you do NOT want your hard work to end up on the floor.

    Model whisking eggs in a bowl, with ingredients in the other ones

    21. A batter-dispenser that'll make cupcakes, pancakes, and muffins 👏 perfectly uniform 👏.

    Model dispensing the batter by pulling the handle lever, to make evenly size pancakes

    22. Stuff Every Cook Should Know, a handy guide to the most important kitchen skills, from how long ingredients keep to how to plan a food budget to how to sharpen a knife.

    23. A Hello Fresh subscription that'll basically be like a cooking class you can do at home. Sign up for a plan that fits your diet (including vegetarian and family plans), and you'll get allllllll the ingredients you need to prep each meal! WHILE learning how to cook!

    24. An air fryer so you can whip up your favorite crunchy foods (hello panko-crusted everything!) with little... or NO... added oil. It circulates air to create a perfectly browned exterior, without the danger of a giant pot of hot oil.

    Model looking at the air fryer, reading the guide, with plates of air fried fries, wings, and salmon and brussels sprouts on the counter

    25. A chopper and storage set for making quick work of onions, carrots, cheese, or any other ingredient! You can use it to chop and dice with the three included blades (each with a different size grid). And when you're done, just store the attachments inside the container! Easy peasy.

    The chopper being used, shown as a storage container, and with the three blades

    26. A tenderizer that'll make tough, flavorless meat a problem of the past. It creates "heat channels" that'll reduce cooking time by up to 40% — meaning less time for your meat to get dried out in the oven.

    The white tenderizer with base, with rows of needles to puncture the meat

    27. A pretty kitchen print that'll also serve as a cheat sheet for measurement conversions or veggie cooking times.

    28. A spatula tool with a harder center and flexible edges that'll slide right under the hardest-to-flip foods (looking at you, omelets).

    The spatula folding an omelet in half

    29. A nonstick ceramic Always Pan (this one's PFOA-free), because that dinner you spent valuable time on shouldn't be burnt on! This one's designed to do the work of EIGHT pieces of regular old cookware, and comes with a lockable lid, steamer basket, pouring spout, and a nesting spatula with a built-in rest.

    The pan with shrimp etoufee, with bowls of the shrimp and rice around it

    30. A four-in-one kitchen gadget you can use as tongs, a scooper, strainer, or pan scraper. You know how you always see chefs in cooking shows do, like everything with tongs? These'll help you replicate that.

    31. A thick, durable apron with TONS of information (think cooking times for veggies, measurement conversions, how to test the doneness of your meat, etc.) printed UPSIDE-DOWN so you can hold it up to consult while you're *wearing it*.

    32. And Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, a book that'll teach you the building blocks of *how* to cook and build up flavors, not just recipes to follow. This is how you can start experimenting with recipes and flavors of your own!

    The cover of the book

    33. And when in doubt, an electric wine opener that'll open a bottle in seconds, because if dinner's already ruined, might as well have a glass of wine ASAP.

    A collage showing the steps of how to use the opener

    These'll all help you cook even better than a rat pulling your hair!

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