30 Easy One-Tray Oven Dinners

Stop using a million pots to cook your dinner, like a fool. Just let those meats and veggies cuddle up together in the oven.

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Braising a pork shoulder the size of Rhode Island is an awesome activity for a lazy Sunday. But sometimes you need dinner on a more immediate basis. You need a sheet-pan dinner!

Also called "jelly roll pans" and "rimmed baking sheets" — sheet pans are invaluable in the kitchen. A great feature in Bon Appétit showed us their ultimate use: roasting veggies and a fast-cooking protein on one pan.

The most simple formula is sheet pan + protein + vegetable(s) + salt + oil = dinner. You can also use a casserole dish in place of a sheet pan — the only difference there is the height of the pan's sides, which doesn't matter too much.

The key to using the formula correctly is understanding your ingredients' cooking rates. For example, potatoes take longer than chicken, which takes longer than eggs. That's where these recipes are super helpful. Once you get the hang of it, you can go nuts inventing your own tray-riffic (SORRY) meals.