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    32 Products For People Who Don't Have Any Space

    Compact and space-saving things you need if you've just about run out of room.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Nesting food storage containers in a rainbow of colors to make matching the lid easier than ever (each container has a dot with the same color as the lid right on the bottom!) — and of course, these take up, like, *no* room in your cabinets.


    You know that thing when you're prepping ingredients or packing away leftovers and you just CAN'T find the lid that fits?! No more. You can freeze, 'em, microwave 'em, and pop 'em in the top rack of your dishwasher, too!

    Get the set of five containers and lids from Amazon for $25.93 (also available in smaller and larger sets).

    Promising review: "We absolutely love this set of food storage containers! The fact that all the pieces stack together and all the lids snap together is genius — really great for small kitchens like mine. I also love how the container and lid are color-coordinated. It makes finding the right lid for the right size container a breeze. They're also just a cheerful color scheme that's fun to look at. A++ buy!" —Abbey Thompson

    2. A laundry folding board that'll, in a few quick moves, transform your wrinkled piles of clothes into *neat*, *easy-to-sort-through* stacks o' crispness, which take up MUCH less space in your closet...and even your suitcase.


    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (available in five colors).

    Promising review: "Let me start off with this: I hate folding laundry. I absolutely hate it. I've seen this thing all over social media. I decided to try it out and OH. MY. GOSH. I freaking love it! It's super easy to use and my clothes are perfectly folded every time. As weird as it sounds, I actually look forward to folding my laundry now. I wish I had purchased this sooner! I like the design it has and I love how compact it is. After I'm finished folding my laundry, I just fold up the folding board and tuck it away! It's lightweight and seems durable. I recommend this to everyone, even those who hate folding clothes. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it out, I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and this product! It's worth every penny!" —Kayli

    3. The new version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle so you can save storage space (and money) on all the books you love — you can even check ebooks out from your local library to your Kindle *for free*.


    It's glare-free, and has an adjustable front light so you can read in ANY lighting condition — including outside and in the dark!

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99.

    PSST! Right now, for the same price, you get three months of Kindle Unlimited included!

    Promising review: "This is a really good Kindle. Great way to save space if you're like me and have little space and a bookcase already full to capacity. They sent me a 5$ credit to buy a book because I had my Amazon Prime linked. Don't worry about the settings, it will let you choose the font, margins, size of font and brightness. You can have different settings and customize them and save them with different names. Touch screen works fine and it is light to hold in one hand. It will let you link your Goodreads account too!" —Alondra Maldonado Rosado

    As a personal note, I love my Kindle SO MUCH. I get books immediately downloaded from the library, and I bring it with me *everywhere* I go. I'm literally reading 10 times as many books a year as I was pre-Kindle.

    4. A durable honeycomb drawer insert to corral your socks, scarves, ties, undies, etc. in style, because a more organized drawer = a drawer that can hold more. Now you can actually see which is which when getting dressed in the morning.

    The pieces just *snap* together for easy assembly, and the design expands to fit whatever size drawer you have.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    Promising review: "Perfect way to organize socks and make it fun to open the drawer and be like 'what socks am I gonna wear today?' And all the colors and patterns beam back at you. If you have boring socks then I would say screw it because you are boring." —Esq

    Suddenly in need of jazzier socks? Might I suggest 23 Of The Best Socks You Can Get On Amazon?

    5. A wireless charger *frame* so when you're not powering up your device, you get a nice little extra bit of home decor. Why clutter up your bedside table with chargers when you can just pop this right on?


    Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (available in black and white).

    Promising review: "Great gift for people who hate visible cord clutter. Bought as a gift and it was well-received. Looks like a nice, sturdy picture frame when not in use." —Douglas Miller

    6. A set of Shoe Slotz for any Carrie Bradshaw with way too many pairs of pumps to fit into an NYC-sized closet. Just put one shoe on the shelf, top with a ~Shoe Slot~, and stack the other shoe on top. You just DOUBLED your storage space.


    It works with men's, women's, and kid's shoes — heels and flats!

    Get a set of 10 from Amazon for $24.95 (also available in multipacks).

    Promising review: "I will spare you the horrific 'before' picture of the complete nightmare that was my closet floor. Just imagine a dusty mess with shoes thrown all over each other in a sad attempt at giving some appearance of order, and you will have a good idea of why buying this shoe organizer was one of the best ideas I've had this year. The floor now looks so neat and tidy I can't believe my eyes every time I open my closet doors." —Veronica, just an average reader, you know?

    7. A spice *drawer* organizer so you can turn the messiest part of the kitchen into a clear, easy-to-read assortment of jars and labels. You'll save cabinet space AND never accidentally add cumin where you meant to add coriander again.


    Spice racks only *wish* they could. These drawer liners are made of a soft foam to keep your jars in the right position (label up!) so you can quickly grab what you need. And you can trim 'em to fit your drawers!

    Get a 10-foot roll from Amazon for $15.99.

    Promising review: "This is one of my favorite things I've ever purchased from Amazon! I think this will be my go-to gift for all of my friends who love cooking as much as I do! Freeing up cabinet space and having something that can so easily be rinsed off in the sink makes this a for-sure buy!" —momonono

    8. A 50-pack of super-slim velvet hangers to streamline your closet, allowing you to hang way more tops, blazers, and dresses (oh so many dresses).

    Because of the velvet coating, spaghetti straps and slippery fabrics won't keep falling off. And unlike similar options, reviewers promise the flocking does *not* come off of these and all over your clothes.

    Get a set of 50 from Amazon for $25.99+ (available in four colors).

    Promising review: "These hangers do all the work for me. I was finally inspired to rid myself of flimsy tacky dry cleaner hangers and bulky plastic ones — I’d have to size up my clothes in order to determine which ones wouldn’t slide off the plastic. With these hangers, everything works, and the velvet is like an easy-to-use magnet for my clothes. Nothing slips. The space-saving design makes a surprising difference. I share a small master closet and thanks to these hangers my side is roomy and organized now." —E. Marshall

    9. A mini KitchenAid stand mixer (it's 3.5 quarts!) that'll be perfectly sized for your counter space. Now you can whip up batch after batch of cookies *and* have enough space for a cooling rack.


    Get it from Amazon for $189 (available in 10 colors).

    Promising review: "Extremely useful for the home baker. You can mix a lb of flour and make giant loaves with this mixer - attachments are great for cake batters and whisked mixtures. Chances are, you don't need one of the bigger machines unless you're baking for more than six people. Perfect gift for a couple, or a couple pairs of roommates who like to bake. Motor is powerful, and I haven't been able to bog it down despite my enthusiastic attempts." —Amazon Customer

    10. An under-cabinet jar opener so you can keep a very *handy* tool out of sight, out of mind (until you need it for those pesky pickles) and most importantly: out of your drawers.


    Get it from Amazon $13.69.

    Promising review: "A simple but very useful product. We have purchased six of them for our own use plus to give as gifts. The bottom line is this product works, does what it claims it will do which is to remove jar lids. It is easy to mount underneath a cabinet, in the kitchen. So far my wife nor I have found a lid we can't remove using this device. With it permanently mounted it is always in the same place and not lost in some drawer. We have one in the kitchen of our house and our motorhome. It is well built and should last for many years. Everything needed to install is included." —Joe B.

    11. A minimalist silverware tray that'll help you save drawer space, make emptying the dishwasher easier and keep the cutlery for becoming ~clutter-ly~. No forking room left in your kitchen?? No problem.


    It also comes in a version just for knives and one for kitchen utensils and gadgets.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in two colors and sizes).

    Promising review: "I thought this would be handy, and help with space management in a small apartment. It turned out to be absolutely perfect. It keeps the silverware clean, and stores a lot in a very small space. I love it. I got two, because I inherited my grandmother's silverware, so there are two types of forks and two types of spoons, and I wanted things separate and organized. Two organizers fit side-by-side in a standard apartment drawer. After getting these, I picked up the knife organizer, and it’s just as handy and useful." —Jerimi

    12. A clip-on silicone strainer, because why waste space on a full-size colander or struggle with losing half of your noodles down the drain?? This bb is smaller AND easier to use.


    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (also available in grey).

    Promising review: "I cannot say enough good about this strainer. It fits all my pots from small to huge, even frying pans! I have strainers, colonders, every kind of lid converter...........This strainer is the best ever. When the pot is too heavy for me to hold to drain off the water, with this I can still hold on with both hands, and then when it is mostly drained, I set the pot in the sink to continue to drain. Washes up like a dream, or toss in the dishwasher. I do not know how I lived without this strainer. Now I can get rid of probably 20 items out of my kitchen!" —SGA

    13. A set of ~as-seen-on-TV~ Wonder Hangers that'll help prevent those pesky snags and wrinkles caused by overcrowded closets. Time for a shopping spree, because you suddenly have more room!


    Just hang five hangers along the bottom, then release one of the hooks hanging from your closet rod. Look how compact it gets!

    Get a pack of 24 from Amazon for $29.99 (available in white and grey and in packs of 6 through packs of 50).

    Promising review: "I've been struggling for years for find the best way to maximize my closet space, until now! I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed! I find these hangers easy to use (they come pre-assembled. No fighting to get piece to fit just right, etc). It's easy to see exactly what items are on the hanger too which is a big plus! I've already placed an order for two additional sets. I'd definitely recommend this product to someone who fights to utilize every inch of closet space they've got in their home or apartment!" —Emily

    14. A mesh shower caddy so you finally have room for all four conditioners you rotate through, your loofah, and shampoo brush — without getting anything moldy or mildewy. These'll keep everything aired out and dry. Aaaaand off your already-crowded tub ledge.

    Just hang it from your shower curtain rod, and voila!

    Get it from Amazon for $10.92.

    Promising review: "This mesh shower organizer is SO useful! I was living in an apartment with a VERY tiny shower with no place to put a shelf to hold toiletries. There wasn't even space in the shower to bend down and get things off the floor. This 100% fit the bill! I am so happy I purchased it! It made my life so much easier, because all of my soap and hair products and razor were right there rather then me having to find some way to bend down and get the things I needed. Now that I have moved out of that apartment I hung this organizer in my boyfriend's normal bathtub/shower and he loves it. It's still really useful even in larger spaces as well. Since it's mesh it dries quickly and doesn't get moldy and gross." —Loretta Ferguson

    15. A curling iron with five interchangeable barrels to create tons and tons and tons of different curl patterns and hairstyles without having to buy or store five separate tools. They range from a tapered wand (.3-.75 inches) to a 1.25 inch clamped curling iron so you can customize your look!

    Aaaaand it has nine temperature options, from 250-410°F for whatever type of hair you have.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    Promising review: "If you've ever used a curling wand you know different sizes and shapes will give you different looks. This clever product gives you five options in one! The smaller one will give you tighter ringlets while the biggest will give you looser waves. I typically use the bigger ones for my hair. The glove it comes with works great but I've gotten used to the method of just wrapping my hair around the iron with no need for it. How much hair and how long you hold it will also affect the curl. If you use less hair/hold it longer your curls will be tighter and more defined. If you use more or hold it for less time you will get looser more soft waves. This will give you the ability to achieve different looks with less space taken up under your sink." —AFB

    16. A set of Space Saver vacuum bags to squeeeeeze your out-of-season clothes and blankets into their most compact version. Closets can't close?? We got you.

    And if the photos above aren't enough, check out these photos to see two massive stacks of tees sealed into a Space Saver the width of a SODA CAN!

    Promising review: "THESE ARE LIFE-CHANGING. The package came quickly to my door with five storage bags. They even give you a hand pump to use in case you're taking the bags camping or just don't have a vacuum handy. I tested the pump to see how well it works, perfect! I have uploaded photos of my hall closet before and after using the storage bags (pictured above). And HOLY COW I have half my closet back! I would have more room but I left out a few blankets we regularly use. I used three bags to store ALL THE items including three large pillows and several thick blankets and comforters. I will most definitely be buying more, these are fantastic!!!" —Knastay

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in six sizes).

    Ok I finally got with the program and bought these this past spring. They ARE SO GREAT!!! All my sweaters got *so* compact. Check out my review of these space-saving bags for more.

    17. A closet rod you can hang from your existing one so you can make the very most out of your vertical space (and help your little'un reach their favorite outfits without your help).


    Gotta maximize that vertical space, friends.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.27.

    Promising review: "Sturdy and light-weight, this closet rod doubled my available space in seconds. There is plenty of space on the top rod for longer shirts and tops and shorter ones fit perfectly on the lower rod, without gracing the floor. Hangers stay in place and don't slide to one end or the other based on how heavy items are and so far the rod hasn't sagged or bowed at all. And I have all my sweatshirts and heavy fleece jackets on the bottom rod. Space will obviously depend on the height of the closet rod you hang this from, but I would highly recommend this for anyone with need of more closet space!!" —CCBunE

    18. A bed frame with built-in storage space that'll corral and reduce the extra stuff in your closet (hello, out-of-season clothes and bedding!) so sweaters can be out of sight, out of mind until the cold weather comes back.


    This stylish upholstered one has a ~hydraulic mechanism~ that lifts the mattress up *for you* so you can access the generous storage space beneath.

    Get it from Amazon for $342.80+ (available in sizes twin–king and five colors and fabrics).

    Promising review: "This bed is an excellent value. I'm pretty handy so I would say it was fairly easy to put together but took around two hours total assembly (I think unpacking every individual piece took up a lot of time too). The hydraulic function works perfectly and the bed feels solid. Storage space is great and we fit a ton of stuff underneath." —Tim Nguyen

    Check out a BuzzFeeder's review (#6 in the post) to learn more about why she loooves the storage space in this bed!

    19. An over-the-door plastic bag organizer to restrain your collecting habits, corral your bags, and make it easy to grab one to use without disturbing the whole assortment. Just reach in the hole!


    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (available in nine finishes).

    Promising review: "I’m really happy with my kitchen organizer. It is out of sight, holds a lot of plastic bags and now, and I no longer have a huge bag full of plastic bags in my pantry. Cleared up a lot of space. Awesome!" —Monica

    20. A five-in-one wine stopper that'll also aerate (so their three-buck ~opens up~ to let the nuances and flavors shine), filter out cork particles, pour neatly, and re-cork the bottle. That's a lot of tasks for such a tiny device. Those giant aerators? No longer needed.


    Get it from Amazon for $5.56 (also available in several multi-packs).

    Promising review: "Don't know what the 'flavor' category means with respect to these wine bottle stoppers but the stoppers work as advertised. A local vineyard was using them in their sample room so I assumed that since a vineyard was using them, they would work as advertised and they do. You can lay a wine bottle flat and it won't leak. Nice that it filters out cork crumbs." —Lawrol

    21. A handy dandy over-the-door mirror with a secret — inside is a (lockable!) compartment with space for alllllll your jewelry, plus LED lights so you can see your fave pieces ~sparkle~.

    If you don't have a free door, you can also mount it on any wall.

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in three colors).

    Promising review: "I put this on the back of my closet door and it has totally changed my jewelry game! Being so organized and being able to see what I have all in one place and clearly has made it like shopping from my own closet. And the fact that it's a mirror AND a jewelry holder in one is even more awesome. Everything in one place, looking so organized, beautiful, and super functional has made me feel like I am winning at adulting, haha. Get it, you won't be disappointed! Just make sure you air it out." —Dhanashree108

    22. A set of handy-dandy under-shelf baskets you can use in closets! pantries! cabinets! or even the fridge! to maximize all your space. Stacking things endlessly will *not* end well — these will help.


    Just sliiiiide it on your shelf — that's how easy these are to "install."

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $29.99.

    Promising review: "These are excellent quality, sturdy and well made. I appreciate that when slid in place, the front of the basket lines up flush with the edge of the shelf (some lesser brands protrude a bit beyond the shelf, making it impossible to close the cupboard properly). Look no further — these are the best deal you'll find." —peggydf

    23. A convertible maxi dress perfect for bridesmaids or fashionistas with limited closet space. Just twist and tie it for 25 different looks, including strapless, one shoulder, short sleeve, and off-the-shoulder styles.

    And it's easy to learn how to recreate the looks by watching the brand's YouTube video tutorials.

    Get it from Amazon for $39 (available in one size, which fits sizes 2-8, and 31 colors). You can also get a plus-size version, which fits sizes XL–3X (available in nine colors).

    Promising review: "Soooo comfortable, great bridesmaid dress & great price! Watched so many YouTube videos of different ways I might want to wear it and by the time I got it, I was pro at helping the other bridesmaids style their dresses. We were able to breathe and be comfortable, love it!!" —jenna2882

    24. A set of five-rung pants hangers to stow away alllllllllll your jeans and leggings — without hogging up your whole hanging rod. We're preventing clothes from stacking up on The Chair, one slightly weird-looking hanger at a time.


    And because the hangers are open-ended, you can just slide pants on sideways rather than feeding them through like traditional hangers. Easy!

    Promising review: "Lightweight, space-saving, and very helpful! Since I don’t have a big closet, I used to fold my pants in the drawer, but now I can use the hanger to hold the pants in the closet without any wrinkles. Yeah!!!" —vivianocean

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $13.95.

    25. A Cuisinart five-in-one sandwich press, griddle, and grill for a kitchen tool that's the opposite of a unitasker.

    It works as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. Tl;dr: dinner is all set!

    Get it from Amazon for $53.99. You can also get removable ~Belgian waffle~ plates for $29.99.

    Promising review: "I really like the Cuisinart Grill. It is just the right size and cooks both sides of the food item evenly and at the same time. The grill plates have two sides, one for grilling steaks or panini sandwiches, and the other side for grilling pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.. It is easy to set the the temperature to handle different items. The grill plates are non-stick and are easily removed for easy cleaning. The grill has a removable try that collects grease and runoff from whatever you are grilling. Very easy to remove and clean. Also, the grill has a floating top grill that automatically adjusts for the thickness of your food item. I am very happy with my purchase, I use this grill several times week." —JW

    26. A hanging glassware rack that'll add precious storage space under your cabinet *and* add a cool bar-like vibe to your kitchen. Aaaaand make it even easier to pour yourself a quick glass of the good stuff after a long day.


    One reviewer even attached this to an old, built-in desk for a cool DIY wine bar!

    Get it from Amazon for $19.89 (also available in a two-pack, four-row configuration, and a version you *don't* have to screw into your existing cabinet).

    Promising review: "Well, here's the deal...The product arrived on time and in good condition. I like simple and this is about as simple as it gets. Had a cabinet at the cabin above an ice maker that had some wasted space underneath and too many glasses inside. This double pack wine rack for a modest price solved the problem. It comes with all the hardware, eight screws...line up the racks, mark your pilot holes and screw in place...easy and perfect. My racks are black and barely visible, yet stylish and functional. Doubled the space in my cabinet. Home run...and simple! There you have it." —Chuck

    27. A 30-section hanging organizer to free up your floor space — all your sneakers, ballet, flats, and loafers need a forever home where they won't get dusty (or make you trip).

    If you can't sacrifice the closet space, you can also hang this over a door if you add a rod, according to some reviewers!

    Get it from Amazon for $26.31.

    Promising review: "This thing is very sturdy, more than others I have had. As a shoe addict, I have had my trials with other organizers. Most break after too much time or the canvas just sags and collects dirt. Not this one! The top hanger is metal and very sturdy and each shoe compartment has a strong bottom board = no sagging! There are 30 compartments, which means it holds about 30 pairs of shoes for women. I am able to fit three pairs of flat sandals in some compartments but some wedges/heels requires a slot for each shoe because of their height. So it probably averages to holding 30." —Elizabeth

    28. A six-piece cabinet system for helping you make the most out of your space for all of your novelty mugs and giant pasta bowls — and your regular plates, too.


    It comes with (deep breath): a wrap rack, two-shelf spice rack, three cabinet shelves, and a lid/plate rack.

    Get a six-piece set from Amazon for $24.90.

    Promising review: "I love how organized my shelf is now! It fits in perfectly and is very sturdy. Getting six pieces for less than $5 each is amazing. I put pans and lids, plates, spices, and saran wraps, and I used one of the racks for organizing my coffee stuff." —Barbara

    29. Shelf dividers so you can stack *HIGH* without your teetering tower of sweaters toppling when you're rushing in the morning. No one likes a jumper jumble.


    No installation — just sliiiiiide them right on your shelves (they fit any shelves up to an inch thick).

    Get a set of eight from Amazon for $29.99 (also available in a set of four).

    Promising review: "Cannot believe I lived without these. These are seriously amazing! I cannot believe I waited so long to buy these and get my closet in order. Great price and came with eight in the package! Slipped on my shelves easily without any damage. They hold my clothes in place and give me so much more room!" —Cherise Kachelmuss

    30. A pretty acrylic makeup organizer for displaying your favorite palettes, nail polishes, and more right on your vanity, rather than hogging up bathroom drawers. Live your best beauty YouTuber life.


    Get it from Amazon for $30.99 (available in nine colors, and two configurations: three large drawers and four small drawers or four large drawers and two small drawers).

    Promising review: "I love this makeup organizer! I could not believe how inexpensive it was, because it is very well made! I wanted to wait a while before reviewing it to see how it held up. It's been almost two months and I have not had one problem with it! And, this is the longest my makeup has stayed organized. I highly recommend. I purchased two! One with four small drawers and three large drawers. and one with two small drawers and four large drawers. Both have the same organizer on top. The color is awesome! Of course, I love pink —especially this soft pink. If you are looking for a makeup organizer this is the one!" —Shelly

    31. A jewel-tone wall-hanging file folder so you can organize all those pesky papers — OUT of your already-crowded desk — and add a touch of color to your drab office. Color-coding FTW!


    You can easily take if off the wall and close it with the attached elastic cords for on-the-go use, too!

    Get it from Amazon for $12.45.

    Promising review: "It’s very nice and organized, I love it. I needed to make room on my desk and this helped a lot. I was gonna use hooks to hang it up but after feeling the weight of it with all the papers in it plus my cats eyeing it curiously I decided to use nails instead. Holds up well so far, and I hang my ID badge from it to grab on my way out hehe. I like the size and that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Very happy with it, was excitedly waiting for it." —Elizabeth Lopez Corrales

    32. And a tufted storage ottoman for a chicly secretive place to store extra blankets, books, or even shoes (idk about you, but I'm always looking for shoe storage), while blending in with your decor.


    Because after a hard day of organizing, you deserve to put your feet up!

    Get it from Amazon for $108.99+ (available in four colors).

    Promising review: "Exactly as described and color accurate to picture. I absolutely love my storage bench! Already have gotten lots of compliments on it. Bench comes assembled, all you have to do is screw the legs into the bench. No tools required. Super easy, and SUPER satisfied with my order. LOVE this bench!!" —GabyG

    My closet:



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