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23 Of The Best Socks You Can Get On Amazon

Let's talk about socks, baby.


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1. Adorable socks that'll cheer you up when your dogs are barking.

Promising review: "Best socks in existence. The most adorable socks I've ever bought. I bought several styles right off the bat, and I couldn't be happier. The quality is insanely good too! They've been through a few washes now, and there hasn't been any fading or staining whatsoever. They keep their shape, and haven't stretched out at all. Highly recommended!" —Kerrigan

Rating: 5/5 / Price $6.99 / Available in 37 different styles. / Fits women's shoe sizes 6-9.

2. Sassy Blue Q socks that will brighten up your day.

Promising review: "Love these socks! They fit well, and they are comfy and absolutely hilarious! When I need some extra cheer in my morning I slip these on and I immediately feel better! Get some, you won't be sorry!" —Amazon Customer

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $8.99 / Available in 24 sayings. / Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10.

3. Dapper socks in a variety of fun patterns.

Promising review: "After reading so many reviews of other 'fun' socks that were 'worn once and got holes in the toes,' I did not want to get my husband socks that would last one wear. These socks are awesome! Fun, bright colors, soft, and a good quality. My husband has been wearing them every day since he got them. So happy with this purchase." —Amazon Customer

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $35.99 (for a pack of four) / Available in two sets of patterns. / Fits men's shoe sizes 7-12.

4. Colorful exercise socks with a stay-up tab.

Promising review: "LOVE these socks! They're excellent for workouts. I prefer socks with the higher heel tab and looked high and low before finding these. They're comfortable and moisture-wicking. There's no compression feature (which I prefer) so if you're looking for that, you may want to keep searching. I highly recommend!" —K. Louise

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $10.50 (for a pack of four) / Available in three color combos. / Fits women's shoe sizes 5-9.

5. Artistic socks when your feet want to Van Gogh somewhere.

Promising review: "So cool and such a conversation piece. Van Gogh is my fave and these socks look amazing. The quality is great; the stitching is detailed and not sloppy." —Chloe

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $7.81 / Available in two colors. / Fits women's shoe sizes 5-9.

6. Low-cut socks that won't fall down on you.

Promising review: "I ordered these hoping that they would hold up for a couple of months. I was shocked at the quality and fit. They fit my size 8.5 perfectly and they have great support. I have only washed them a few times, but I can tell these will last longer than brands that cost twice as much and fit half as well." —DJ

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $8.73+ (for a pack of six) / Available in three colors. / Fits men's shoe sizes 6-14.

7. Trouser socks that depict the epic battle between a unicorn and a narwhal.

Promising review: "Brilliant! These socks are delightfully absurd! They fit well, even for a man with large feet. The images are clear, they seem well constructed, and the fabric isn't thin or flimsy. I am definitely happy with this purchase." —Phileein Sophia

Rating: 5/5 / Price $11.50 / Available in many funky patterns. / Fits men's shoe sizes 7-11.

8. Microfiber socks that'll keep your feet toasty, but not sweaty.

Promising review: "I have very very cold feet. I occasionally sleep with thin cotton socks on but have to take them off in the middle of the night when it gets too hot. Last night I went to sleep with these fuzzy soft socks and didn't have to take them off. Perfect warmth!" —BookLover123

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $14.99 (for a pack of three) / Available in 44 color combos. / Fits women's shoe sizes 6-10.

9. Breathable socks that provide extra padding in work boots.

Promising review: "They fit well and feel great. Great socks for wear with my steel toed work boots. I am on my feet 10+hours per day on a concrete floor and these socks feel the best of all others that I have tried. I am purchasing more." –L. Leed

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $9.99 / Available in two colors. / Fits men's shoe sizes 6-12.

10. Over-the-knee socks that'll stay up all day.

Promising review: "These are amazing! They stayed up amazingly! I actually wore these for a pole dancing class and I never had to pull them up. They are also absolutely adorable. LOVE THEM!" —Lauren M.

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $21.99 (for a pack of three) / Available in 17 animals or colors. / Fits women's shoe sizes 5-9.

11. Colorful boot socks that are not too thin and not too thick.

Promising review: "I love these socks. They're very soft and thick. They're not crazy thick, but they're not thin and cheap feeling. I wear a size 11 and have pretty wide feet and felt comfortable in them. I also like the colors a lot; they go really well under my ankle boots! I've also washed them a couple times (my washers are not kind to clothes) and I had no problem!" —AK92

Rating: 4/5 / Price $18.99 (for a pack of four) / Available in 18 colors and patterns. / Fits women's shoe sizes 7-11.

12. Animal socks that'll make you say "Oh deer, these are cute."

Promising review: "Love these socks. They aren't too bulky but they are incredibly warm. Definitely warmer than I expected considering their thickness. They fit nicely in boots, and are just so cute. Pleasantly surprised by this spontaneous purchase." —Rachel

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $9.99 (for a pack of three) / Available in eight animals. / Fits women's shoe sizes 6-10.

13. Trouser socks for anyone who is obsessed with school supplies.

Promising review: "These are LITERALLY the best socks ever!!! I was worried that because it was such a good deal that the socks weren't going to be high quality but I was wrong! They are stretchy and they look just as they do in the picture! I am way too happy about this purchase!" —Thomas Kelly

Rating: 4/5 / Price $19.99 (for a pack of eight) / Fits men's shoe sizes 6.5-10 and women's sizes 5.5-11.

14. Pokémon socks that are so cute you'll want to catch 'em all.

Promising review: "So cute, so soft, and so fun! I bought these as a birthday gift for my Pokemon go! obsessed friend — they are so cute its ridiculous. The designs are sharp and not poorly made. I am considering buying myself a set!" —ER RN

Rating: 5/5 / Price $10.99 (for a pack of five) / Fits women's shoe sizes 4.5-11.

15. Striped socks with kittens on the heel and toe you should buy right meow.

Promising review: "I love these socks! Many patterned socks are less colorful than they appear in pictures or the color fades as they stretch onto your foot — not these! They say bright and lovely. They're soft and comfortable and well-made. I like that they are thin enough to work as dress socks but not so thin that my feet get cold. They came packaged neatly in a cute box and would make a great gift. I plan to buy a few more patterns for myself!" —Kimberly Gardiner

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $14.55 (for a pack of six) / Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10.

16. Thin athletic socks in a rainbow of colors.

Promising review: "Perfect — cut just below the ankle bone and equally perfect thickness — not too thin, not too thick. Have been wearing them during summer workouts and don't get overheated or anything. They don't slip, and they're just delightful to wear with the rest of your workout outfit." —Margot S.

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $19.99 (for a pack of six) / Fits women's shoe sizes 7-10.5.

17. High quality socks in a chunky stripe.

Promising review: "It's hard to find good socks! These really do fit and look great. I don't usually like super thick socks. These are a very well made (relatively) thin material and stay very comfortable. I came on Amazon today to order more!" —Ross W. Nielsen

Rating: 4/5 / Price $13.99 (for a pack of three) / Available in 22 colors. / Fits men's shoe sizes 6-10.

18. Hiking socks that are basically blister-proof.

Promising review: "I will start off by saying that I was extremely impressed by these socks. I did not get a single blister while wearing these. Also, while hiking downhill my toes often hurt by getting bunched up in the front of my boots but these socks have enough cushion to eliminate that. Just to further emphasize the glory of these socks, I bought a pair of Smartwool socks and tried them one morning on the trip and had a blister in under three hours. Then I switched back to these and forgot I even had a blister! I wore these for 25 miles over three days with no washing and I could barely smell anything on them afterwards. No excuses. Pamper your feet and buy these." —S2

Rating: 5/5 / Price $18.19+ / Available in six colors. / Fits men's shoe sizes 5.5-14.5.

19. A four-pack of socks for any Miyazaki fan.

Promising review: "The fabric is super soft and very durable — I have to force myself not to wear them every day. The colors are very vibrant and true to each scene the socks are based off. The patterns and little scenes are just adorable and well thought out, not to mention the price is amazing! I may have to purchase a second set just in case my first ones wear out too quickly." —Britney Deatherage

Rating: 5/5 / Price $10.99 (for a pack of four) / Fits women's shoe sizes 6-10.

20. No-show socks with gel pads that prevent them from slipping off your feet.

Promising review: "I love these liners. I was expecting them to be a bit thinner, more like nylon thickness, but they actually have just a bit more to them. Because they're a bit more substantial, they're very comfortable, and I love the tab on the back. They're perfect for my shoes for work, and the tab makes it so they stay on my feet instead of bunching up into the toe of my shoe. Highly recommend!!" —Amazon Customer

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $13 (for a pack of six pairs) / Available in nine colors. / Fits women's shoe sizes 4-12.

21. Patterned dress socks made of soft and breathable bamboo.

Promising review: "Nice quality socks in some great patterns. Big hit with the hubby! These socks are just thick enough to be comfortable but not so thick that they pinch your feet in your shoes. They fit perfectly and stay pulled up on your leg. I purchased these as a Christmas gift for my husband and he could not be happier. Great product at a great price." —Mr. Indiana

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $9.99 (for a pack of three) / Available in 13 pattern sets. / Fits men's shoe sizes 6-13.

22. Sheer floral socks in a variety of colors.

Promising review: "These are so adorable! I love having cute socks like these to wear with my dressier shoes that give me blisters without socks or tights. They feel like they should hold up pretty well--they haven't snagged or ripped on anything so far, which I was concerned about. Great socks!" —Michelle D.

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $17.90 (for a pack of six) / Available in two patterns. / Fits women's shoe sizes 5.5-8.5.

23. Snack socks that'll make you want to nibble your toes.

Promising review: "OMG! Just got my socks. I love them. I was worried the material was going to be thin and cheap because of the price but absolutely not. I love them. Will definitely be buying more of these. Please continue to have more fun food patterns." —Angela L.

Rating: 4.5/5 / Price $14.99 (for a pack of five) / Fits women's shoe sizes 5-11 and men's sizes 6.5-9.

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