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    27 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good At Doing Your Hair

    No more bad hair days.

    1. Take the arm workout out of styling your hair with The Beachwaver, a curling iron that rotates to create curls or waves in seconds.

    2. Create a gorge updo in two simple motions: twist + pin. Hello hair that's the perfect combo of old-timey elegance and modern effortlessness.

    3. Add some flair to your pony, braid, or bun with a set of hair elastics complete with bows already tied on.

    4. Fight frizz on the go with moisturizing and static-killing sheets.

    5. Twist your braids into a pretty crown ponytail that looks impressive but is actually easy!

    6. Tie it all together with Burlybands, the ultimate hair tie for thick or heavy hair — it won't stretch out or pull out your hair.

    7. Learn the easiest way to tease your hair to amp up your strands in no time ~flat~.

    8. And use a top-rated teasing comb with a mix of boar and nylon multi-level bristles to create mega height with only a few brushstrokes.

    9. Blow your hair out without having to hold a dryer AND a round brush by opting for the John Frieda hot air brush instead.

    10. Look like you actually tried this morning by using a sleek hair tie on your boring old pony.

    11. Try a half-up hairstyle with a twist that's *knot* difficult at all.

    12. Or skip the heat styling and create beachy waves with a simple sleep-on-it hairdo.

    13. Add texture and body to your air drying routine with Bumble & Bumble's Don't Blow It styling cream that boosts texture and volume for a perfectly undone look.

    14. Bump up the volume and make it last all day with Living Proof's Dry Volume Blast, which is tbh the best volumizing product on the market. It smells great, lasts and lasts, and leaves hair feeling touchably soft, NOT stiff or crunchy.

    15. Keep your hair out of your face without creating dents or bumps with a set of cute crease-free clips. We're all about maintaining that hairstyle for days!

    16. Ditch the flat iron for this Instyler ceramic straightening brush — just stroke through your hair to get a straight (but still bouncy!) mane.

    17. Achieve the ultimate "wash and go" 'do by wrapping it up in a triple bun hairstyle that makes wet hair look actually chic.

    18. Make your braids thiccccer by spritzing hair with a highly-rated texturizing powder — and use a Dutch braiding technique (literally a regular braid but upside down).

    19. Turn your tapered cut into this deceptively easy updo with just six bobby pins (six!!).

    20. Twist your locks around flexible foam rods for overnight curls with zero heat damage. Use the largest size for loose, blowout-worthy waves and the smallest size for the tightest curls.

    21. Take a hairstyling beach vacation with Captain Blankenship's sea salt spray that'll give you effortless mermaid waves.

    Pro tip: Spritz the sea salt spray and immediately blow dry — it'll melt the product into your strands without leaving it crunchy.

    22. Rest your eyes (and your hair) on a pretty silk pillowcase to wake up with less damaged, frizzy locks...making that second day look so much easier.

    23. Bump up your regular hairdo (or hide dirty hair or grown-in roots) with a glitzy headband to make you feel fancy AF.

    24. Get that on-trend slicked-back look in no time flat. Because you deserve red carpet–ready hair on a random Tuesday.

    25. Use bobby pins as hair art — put your hair in a normal bun or pinned back, and then place the pins in your hair to form chevrons (like pictured here), triangles, or whatever shape your heart desires.

    26. Convince people you shelled out big buck$ for pastel hair at the salon, but without the expense or commitment; all you need is L'Oréal Colorista semi-permanent hair color.

    27. And try a five-in-one curling iron so you can create infinite looks without hogging up all your drawer space. Just pop on the different sized barrels and you can use it to create a vintagey '50s updo, a tousled just-woke-up lob, or mermaid-inspired waves. The limit (to your style choices) does not exist!

    Flip that gorgeous hair!

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