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    7 Seriously Easy Ways To Have A Good Hair Week

    Get in the Good Hair Day zone.

    1. For a really fun look that requires basically no effort, wear a reverse headband!

    The Beauty Department
    The Beauty Department

    The Beauty Department gives a full tutorial on this look here.

    2. Give yourself a DIY hair treatment based on your needs.

    Alexis Nedd / Via BuzzFeed

    Take this quiz to figure out exactly what your hair needs. The results will tell you the best ingredients for your hair's issues at the moment.

    3. Switch out your usual towel for a microfiber towel to reduce frizz.

    @monamyers5 / Via

    The texture of regular terrycloth towels can rough up the hair cuticle, while microfiber towels will just absorb moisture without ruining your hair's texture. You can also use a cotton T-shirt instead.

    You can try this microfiber towel from DevaCurl that's big enough to wrap up your hair after your shower.

    4. Try out different braids for every day of the week.

    Christina Butcher / Via

    Get 30 ideas from Hair Romance. And remember, if you want to make the braid look thicker, just pancake it.

    5. Clean and shampoo your hairbrushes to avoid unnecessarily dispersing excess oils into your hair.

    Top Knot / Via BuzzFeed

    Watch the tutorial video here.

    6. Give second- (or third!) day hair a boost with sea salt spray and a blow-dryer to get texture and grit without looking oily.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    Spray in sea salt spray and then blow-dry immediately to melt the spray into the hair shaft without making it crunchy. It'll give straight, wavy, or curly hair a texture that looks like you actually did your hair.

    7. Or skip heat altogether by choosing one of these no-heat hairstyles. / Via

    You can find 29 more styles here, or find the tutorial for the style above here.