19 Of The Most Heart-Warming Video Games You Said Bring You Endless Comfort

    "Focusing on keeping a bunch of stupid teenagers alive really takes my mind off things."

    Last month, we shared 22 of your go-to comfort video games, but you actually shared many more than that — and we didn't forget!

    We'd be doing you gamers a disservice if we didn't show you the other 19 cosy games you loved:

    1. Life Is Strange

    2. Fallout 4

    3. Super Mario World

    4. Until Dawn

    5. House Flipper

    6. Genshin Impact

    7. The Emperor's New Groove

    A still screenshot of an alpaca and spider in the game

    8. Cooking Mama

    9. Sniper Elite 4

    10. Shenmue

    11. Planet Coaster

    12. Red Dead Redemption 2

    13. RollerCoaster Tycoon

    14. Professor Layton

    15. Pokémon series

    16. Spyro the Dragon

    17. Dragon Age series

    18. Dead by Daylight

    One of the survivors Dwight holding down the escape leaver to power the gate and open it in a spooky forest at night

    19. Mass Effect Series

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