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    • FluorescentAdolescent

      Since Oberyn’s monologue has already been mentioned, I’m going to go way back and say the moment Ned told Cersei he knew everything about the incest and was going to tell Robert, to give her the opportunity to leave King’s Landing with her children. And then not immediately telling Robert when he had the chance, to spare him the shock on his death bed. Of course Ned had to be all chivalrous and honorable… Even if he was new to the politics game, it was so fucking stupid and naive of him to believe that Cersei would give up so easily, and that’s what set the wheels in motion for everything that came next, his death, the war of the five kings… I mean, I understand that his greatest quality ended up leading him to his demise, but to think about all the pain and suffering that could have been avoided for the Starks if Ned had just played it dirty like everyone else… It’s tragically infuriating !

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