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    Halsey's Birthday Post For Boyfriend Evan Peters Is Even Better When You Remember She Was Thirst Tweeting About Him In 2013

    Truly aspirational.

    In case you missed it, back in October Halsey and Evan Peters confirmed they were dating with a spooky Instagram post and an appearance as Sonny and Cher at an event celebrating 100 episodes of American Horror Story.

    If you ask me — which absolutely no one did — they're a pretty damn good match!

    So when Halsey posted this adorable photobooth picture on Instagram to celebrate Evan's birthday on Monday, I was like, "Cute! Happy for them!"

    And the caption is just as adorable. 💖

    But there's something else I think we need to focus on here, and that's the fact that Halsey spent a significant chunk of 2013 thirst-tweeting about Evan Peters, the man who is now her boyfriend.

    On 26 October 2013 — six years to the day before she posted that Instagram photo! — Miss Ashley Frangipane tweeted, "I just want cookies and Even Peters."

    Then, the following month, she was like, "Petition for Evan Peters to date me." Which he now is!

    There are plenty of examples of Halsey thirst tweeting about Evan Peters, and I'm honestly so proud of her.

    And if her Twitter likes are anything to go by, it seems that she's pretty proud of herself too.

    halsey said: i want it. i got it.

    remember when halsey tweeted 'petition for evan peters to date me' and now 6 years later they're literally dating? a win for the thirst tweeters

    Now, if anyone needs me, I'll be thirsting over my celeb crushes on the timeline. And no one can judge me!