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    The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Cast Finding Out They're Renewed For A Season 8 Is The Cutest

    Nine Nine!

    Let's cut right to the chase: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for a Season 8 on NBC!!!

    And this is amazing news considering Season 7 hasn't even *aired* yet. So now we've got the Season 7 premiere to look forward to on Feb. 6, 2020 and then a WHOLE OTHER SEASON after that.

    And the best part is that the show filmed the cast and writers' reactions to finding out the show had been renewed. Just look at how pure Terry Crews' reaction is:

    Good things come to those who w8. The #Brooklyn99 squad will be coming back for Season 8 on NBC!

    And then some of the cast filmed even *more* of their excitement about the news:

    SEASON 8! #brooklyn99 #dreamscometrue @nbcbrooklyn99

    And then took a pic to celebrate!

    Guess what?! We’re coming back for SEASON 8!! #Brooklyn99

    Obviously, fans are super happy that there will be yet another season of the show.

    #Brooklyn99 is coming back for season 8 and that’s the first and only thing that’s made me smile today. Someone knew I needed that, thank you @nbcbrooklyn99 ❤️can’t wait for more laughs with you

    We weren't even supposed to get a 6th season, and now they've been picked up for season 8!! 😭😍 #Brooklyn99 @nbcbrooklyn99

    OH DAMN. #BROOKLYN99 RENEWED FOR SEASON 8!!! @nbcbrooklyn99

    Tune into NBC on Feb. 6 for a 1-hour premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.