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Sarah Paulson Wore A Hilariously Identical Sweater To That Iconic "Knives Out" Sweater, And I Love Chris Evans' Reaction

Chris Evans and Sarah Paulson are totally twinning.

What I didn’t know I needed today was a very wholesome exchange on Twitter between Chris Evans and Sarah Paulson.

Actors Chris Evans and Sarah Paulson

It all started when Sarah Paulson tweeted out a photo in late November, featuring her and Chris wearing remarkably similar sweaters in different movies. Sarah posed the question to her followers: "Who wore it best?" Then she followed up with her own answer: "(Don't answer that, even I think it's him.)"

Who wore it best? (Don't answer that, even I think it's him.) #RunFilm

Allen Fraser / Hulu

She also shared it on her Instagram, because hey, why not?

Sarah's neutral-toned knit sweater is from a scene in her latest movie, Run (2020), and I will say, it looks very comfy:

Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman in "Run" wears her sweater

Chris's extremely similar sweater — if you haven't seen it already because it kinda went viral on the internet a while ago — is from Knives Out (2019):

Chris Evans as Hugh Ransom Drysdale in "Knives Out" wearing his famous sweater

To make the meme-ish moment even better, Chris — a few weeks late — responded yesterday to Sarah's tweet in the best way: "Sarah Paulson knows who I am. (How did I miss this?!)"

Sarah Paulson knows who I am. (How did I miss this?!)

Allen Fraser / Hulu

Chris Evans excited over Sarah Paulson knowing who he is. Very cute!!! I love this!

And fans had to weigh in on who wore the iconic sweater ~best~:

Paulson fans gave their pick: "Lady Paulson, you already know what we think. It’s you, btw," one fan tweeted.

@MsSarahPaulson lady paulson you already know what we think. it’s you, btw

"You no question," another fan commented on Instagram, among thousands of other comments.

This fan's comment on Sarah Paulson's Instagram post about the sweater has almost 200 likes

Evans fans also chimed in — hilariously commenting on the fact that, well, Chris's sweater in Knives Out will just forever be famous.

@ChrisEvans Do you also know that people now dedicate the whole sweater season as Ransom season or you missed that too?

I think I know who they're voting for.

@ChrisEvans One year has passed and Ransom Drysdale's magic is still on. 💙😂

Mindy Kaling also had a funny response on Sarah's Instagram post that sums up the fact that we can't really choose: "Two cable knit hotties just livin' their lives."

Mindy Kaling's Instagram comment regarding Sarah and Chris' sweaters, which has almost three-thousand likes

But alas, while Sarah and Chris are both rocking cable knit in their own way, I have to ask: Whose sweater are you feeling the most?