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    45 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Still Wow

    Including a love-scented candle, a romantic couples game, and if all else fails, a ~dino-mite~ triceratops taco holder.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of eucalyptus sheets to let them, and you, sleep cool. They're breathable, eco-friendly, and get softer with each wash.

    blue eucalyptus sheets on a bed

    2. A date night box set to test your knowledge of your loved one, spark interesting conversation, and engage in some flirty dares. It's perfect for Valentine's Day, or any day really.

    hand holding date night box set cards

    3. A tile monogram mug that easily designates their mug from yours in the cabinet.

    four tiled monogram mugs on a table

    4. A copper French Press to help them get their morning dose of caffeine. It also makes enough for you to enjoy a cup too.

    copper french press with coffee

    5. A mini succulent in a planter that has a sweet and punny message for your special someone.

    three mini succulents in white planters with love message printed on them

    6. A mixology bartender kit so you can make every date night a little happier by testing out handcrafted, bespoke cocktails.

    mixology set with shaker and tools in wood stand, cocktail cards

    7. A Fujifilm Instax camera to help you capture and immediately print out all your favorite memories together.

    Black camera

    8. Or a camera lens thermos for a Valentine that's always snappin' photos. Reviewers also say it makes a great pen cup in their office space!

    The camera lens thermos on someone's desk

    9. A silk sleep mask that will help give them catch some quality zzz's.

    Pink leopard-print sleep mask

    10. A Chuao chocolate gift box for your sweetie with the sweet tooth. The box comes with 36 mini chocolate bars with sweet and savory flavors, enough to share (if they feel like it).

    red gift box of various chuao chocolate bars inside

    11. An adult onesie that will make the perfect outfit for ordering takeout, staying in, and cuddling on the couch. You might as well get a matching one, because you're going to want one for yourself.

    woman wearing blue onesie with takeout box pattern

    12. A TriceraTaco holder to make Taco Tuesdays more dino-mite. It can hold two tacos (or other fave food items) for double the fun.

    green triceratops taco holder with tacos inside

    13. A DIY Hot Sauce Kit so you can make spice up your meals at home together. The kit comes with spices, bottles, labels, a funnel, gloves, and instructions/recipes.

    various DIY hot sauce bottles and peppers on a table with

    14. A weighted blanket that will not only help them sleep more soundly, but will prevent them from hogging all of the blankets on their side of the bed.

    grey weighted blanket

    15. A gorgeous (and trendy) bouquet of dried flowers for your Valentine that might not be the best at caring for *living* plants. It's a step above buying a bouquet in a pinch and it'll last the year.

    Dried bouquet displayed in a white vase

    16. A crystal wine decanter that will make your evening dinners look fancy, even if you bought a bottle of wine at the convenience store around the corner.

    glass decanter with red wine

    17. An Amazon Fire TV Stick because the couple that binges TV together, stays together. It has a voice remote to help you find and play your favorite shows and movies quickly, that is, after you've finally agreed on what to watch.

    18. A Super-Plush robe from Brooklinen that they'll want to spend all day in because it feels like wearing a soft hug (not as soft as your actual hugs though).

    19. A gold-plated initial necklace they can wear with their initial or yours (or both) close to their heart.

    gold-plated necklace with the letter A

    20. A pair of Ugg slippers with soft wool lining to keep their toes warm and cozy so they stop constantly accosting you with their freezing feet.

    pair of grey Ugg moccasin slippers lined with wool

    21. A jar of rose-scented scalp and body scrub that'll make their skin soft, hydrated, and extra huggable.

    open jar of ouai scalp and body scrub with some scrub next to it

    22. A Bose Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite playlists with 360-degree sound. It also has a built-in mic to take calls on speakerphone (for example, from you, when you're not together).

    white and silver bose speaker on a table next to a plant

    23. A sleek Vitruvi stone diffuser so they can use essential oils to help give their home calming vibes.

    white ceramic vitruvi diffuser on a table with essential oils

    24. A heartfelt candle because even though you swiped in all directions on every dating app, you're happy you swiped right when it really counted.

    Candle that says "I'm so glad we swiped right"

    25. A personalized star constellation map that's a unique way to celebrate how the stars aligned on a specific date, whether that's their birthday, your first date, or an anniversary together.

    black and white custom star map

    26. An insulated tumbler (or two) that will keep wine and other beverages at just the right temperature for your next leisurely evening together.

    three different colored corksicle tumblers stacked, with wine being poured into one

    27. A jewelry dish that will celebrate their Zodiac sign and keep them from losing their small accessories.

    different zodiac-themed jewelry dishes

    28. A pair of kissing mugs that will make your morning coffee time together more smooch-worthy.

    grey and white kissing mugs on a table surrounded by desserts

    29. A smart digital frame so you can take your favorite videos and photos from your phone and display them in your house.

    front and back of digital photo frame with photo displayed

    30. A set of heat-resistant heart-shaped silicone molds that will give all their baked treats an extra touch of love.

    a grid of four different heart-shaped desserts including jello, cakes, and frosted cupcakes

    31. A Victrola suitcase record player so you can play all your vinyls in the most retro, romantic way. But if your record collection is a little lacking, it also has wireless Bluetooth capability.

    light blue Victrola record player with a record

    32. A cute kitchen towel that will come in handy anytime you need a little laugh when cooking together (or cleaning up a spill).

    white kitchen towel with "olive me loves olive you" printed on it

    33. A pair of fun socks that will keep their feet warm during nights in and have an important message on the bottom for anyone sitting nearby (probably you): "If you can read this, bring me some pizza."

    Person wearing socks with pizza print, sitting next to slide of pizza and pizza box

    34. A set of foodie dice that will help take the guesswork out of cooking meals so you're not constantly asking each other, "So, what's for dinner tonight?"

    Hand holding foodie dice next to vegetables and fish on a table

    35. A pair of Skullcandy wireless earbuds that can withstand everyday dust, sweat, and splashes. They also have Tile technology built-in to help prevent them from misplacing one or both earbuds around the house.

    red wireless skullcandy earbuds and case

    36. A sushi making kit for anyone whose love language is "quality time." This will certainly add a jolt of excitement to your next date night together (and will limit the number of takeout containers in your partner's trash can).

    Sushi making kit and its contents

    37. An indoor herb garden so they can have fresh herbs in the kitchen all year round. Your Valentine might just appreciate this even more during frigid February.

    Reviewer photo of their indoor herb garden

    38. A Homesick candle designed with their home state in mind. One whiff of their state's unique scent and they'll be transported home. Nostalgia: loading.

    39. Or a PyroPet candle, guaranteed to make their jaw drop the second they open it. It's an animal-shaped candle with a metal skeleton inside, so they've still got themselves a piece of killer decor once the candle stops burning!

    40. An adorable and reversible plushie that'll let your partner communicate their mood without having to say a word. They can flip between happy and angry, so you'll know when they need a little space.

    Reviewer side-by-side of the plushie being happy and angry

    41. A murder mystery jigsaw puzzle for your true-crime-obsessed Valentine. This gift will let them solve a new case, piece by piece.

    two murder mystery jigsaw puzzle boxes with a few scattered pieces

    42. Some heart-shaped tea bags so they can curl up, enjoy a hot cup of comfort, and be reminded of your sweet and very on-theme gift.

    Two mugs with steeping heart-shaped tea bags

    43. Or a bubble tea lamp for a Valentine that prefers their tea cold and chock full of bobas. Plus, it's just too cute not to give as a gift to the bubble-tea-fiend in your life.

    lit bubble tea lamp on a stack of books

    44. A mini heart-shaped waffle maker so they can start their day off the right way: with a ~hearty~ breakfast made with a little extra love.

    45. And finally, a subscription to Book of the Month because you can't keep up with their requests for new book recommendations. This will keep your bookish Valentine very happy for the next three to twelve months!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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