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    49 One-Year Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

    Celebrate a year of togetherness with these silly, sweet, and sentimental gifts.

    1. A personalized star chart customized to match the night sky on any memorable night in your relationship. A piece this stunning, sentimental, and sweet is sure to leave your S.O. starry-eyed.

    Person holding up wooden board with circular star chart in center. The board is labeled with two names and a wedding date.
    Wood Life Prints / Etsy

    To customize this piece you'll select the color and size you want and send the seller any text you would like written on it, along with the date and location for the map. You can do all of this within the listing! 

    BTW, this small business is based in San Diego, California!

    Promising review: "The quality is amazing, and the customer service was too!!!! My husband loved it!" —Heather

    Get it from Wood Life Prints on Etsy for $39.95+ (available in five sizes).

    2. A keepsake statue kit that's gonna make your sweetheart say, "I've gotta ~hand~ it to you, this gift is pretty special."

    This kit includes a plastic molding bucket, molding powder, a casting stone, fine sandpaper, course sandpaper, a demolding stick, detailing pin, and detailed instructions.

    Promising review: "Such a fun date night activity. Easy to assemble outside of the portion that you can’t dump down the sink. My boyfriend and I made a mold of us holding hands and i still cherish it. Has been over a year and held up very well." —carli

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    3. An olive oil cake kit with a vanilla and lemon mix and a bottle of Greek extra virgin olive oil. This is a sophisticated treat that's sure to be a hit with your sweetheart as they enjoy a decadent dessert made by *you.*

    box of mix beside bottle of oil and finished cake
    top view of cake with powdered sugar and lemon on top

    To bake, the only other ingredients you need are two eggs and 8 ounces of buttermilk. Be sure to check out all the entire cake collection. Believe me, you'll be hitting "add to cart" faster than ever before. These are well worth the impulse purchase.

    Founder Candice Hunsinger is a home baker turned professional bakery owner. Elia's cake mixes are prepped so that home chefs can bake with simple instructions and high quality ingredients, letting folks enjoy a divine dessert from the comfort of their own kitchen.

    Get it from Elia for $30.

    4. giant bubble kit — if you and your boo like an outdoor activity that's equal parts satisfying and silly, you're both gonna love using this on your anniversary! Get ready to spend the day making bubbles until you both burst out laughing! 

    Reviewer using the bubble wand to blow giant bubbles on the beach
    Reviewer's child using the bubble wand to blow a giant bubble

    The kit comes with the giant bubble wand, two pouches of bubble concentrate, and a booklet to help you become a skilled bubble creator!

    Promising review: "We had so much fun with these bubbles at a family get together! Everyone participated from the youngest (age 4) to the oldest (age 82)! It was a definite hit with everyone & I had lots of requests of “ Where did you buy them?” I referred quite a few other people to Amazon to buy these! Thank you for such a fun product!" —Mary Jo

    Get it from Amazon for $15.94+ (available in seven styles).

    5. An adjustable vase so you can come home with a bouquet *and* a place to display it! This'll adjust its height based on the stems of the flowers, letting your ~bud~ show off the flowers without the added work of pruning. 

    flowers in reviewer's vase which has glass base and adjustable gold tone sides
    diagram of how height can be adjusted

    Promising review: "Super cool vase that I originally saw on TikTok. It's been sold out everywhere but I managed to snag it from Amazon a few weeks ago for a friend's belated birthday gift. It arrived quickly and securely packaged. The vase is really cool, the glass portion is very sturdy, and the metal portion of the vase seems very strong. It takes a little bit of strength to raise and lower the metal portion. The brass is very light and looks closer to a brushed gold. The recipient was very happy with her gift! 10/10!" —Alexa Clark

    Get it from Amazon for $37.54.

    6. A copper cattail wind chime for adding some musical whimsey to your garden, pond, or porch. And add in a customizable inscription to celebrate your special date! 

    full size cattail wind chime placed in koi pond
    Wind And Fire Chimes / Etsy

    This small biz is owned by Jaron, who creates one-of-a-kind wind chimes, bird feeders, and yard art.

    Promising review: "Beautiful! We now have two of these adding whimsy to our waterfall. So happy....and they are even dog-proof!! Customer service could also not have been better." —Linda Patterson

    Get it from Wind And Fire Chimes on Etsy for $49.95+ (available with or without custom engraving).

    7. A BedJet cooling and warming system so you can both control the temperature of your side of the bed at night, even with the covers on. Cozy.

    the white unit which has a tube that goes under the bed's sheets
    a hand holding the black remote which has a digital screen

    This sweet setup uses biorhythm sleep technology. It's programmed to change the temperature each hour of the night to help you sleep better. You can also set the temperature to whatever degree you'd like – just use the remote! If you're a cold sleeper, you can also set it to heat mode and it'll warm you up 15 times faster than a regular ol' blanket! To set it up, plug the unit into an outlet, slip the teeny tube under your sheets, set your preferred temperature, and you'll be g2g! 

    Promising review: "First time I have ever been moved to write a review on Amazon but this is the single most amazing product if you sleep hot! This thing WORKS and it is saving my life! It only took a NASA engineer to solve my propensity to burst into to flames every night at 2 a.m.!" —Matthes

    Get it from Amazon for $489+ (available in two sizes or just the sheets).

    8. A vintage-inspired print — a lovely gift to give the person you love to the moon and back.

    A black and white illustration of a couple in party dresses sitting on a man-in-the-moon cutout and smooching
    Felix D'Eon

    Felix D'Eon's shop is located in Mexico City, Mexico. The shop has over 300 prints and tarot cards, holiday cards, calendars, and more. 

    I own this! Every once in a while I throw a product into a post simply because I want it. And I wanted this. I first featured the print in this post when I came across it on Etsy and knew I needed one for my own home. I now have it framed and on my bedroom wall! It's downright dreamy.

    Get it from Felix D'Eon on Etsy for $28+ (originally $35; available in five sizes).

    9. Or a romantic merfolk option with an art-deco design and a deliciously lusty vibe that'll remind you and your boo why you both love the ocean so much. 

    two merpeople in the ocean in vintage style print
    Felix D'Eon / Etsy

    Felix D'Eon's shop is located in Mexico City, Mexico. The shop has over 300 prints and tarot cards, holiday cards, calendars, and more. 

    Promising review: "Absolutely stunning print in great quality! The communication was super fast, informative and kind, they really went out of their way to make sure I got my order. ❤️ This print is going to be an amazing gift and I will 100% buy from here again " —Moa

    Get it from Felix D'Eon on Etsy for $28+ (originally $35+; available in five sizes).

    10. An LED flat plate so the book worm you sleep next to can read late into the night, despite the fact that you are the very definition of an early bird. 

    Promising review: "LOVE! This book light is perfect for nighttime reading. I opted for this particular brand over others I saw for less as it has a dimmer. I really like this one as the glow is soft and not harsh on my eyes. The dimmer has a wide range when I turn the knob. You can use this book light horizontally or vertically. It’s not large enough to cover the whole page of most books, but it does completely light up an entire page so you don’t have to move it up and down while reading." —Flora

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (clip the coupon on the product page to get 10% off this price; available in two colors).

    11. And a personalized library stamp (which might be even more fun if you now share a last name) for helping your partner start a library that'd make Belle jealous. The Beast has nothing on your gift-giving skills. 

    freshly stamped book page with floral frame and the words from the library of claire paige
    Paper Peach Shop / Etsy

    Paper Peach Shop is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and sells stamps, wedding planners, vow books, guestbooks, and more! 

    Promising review: This turned out SO cute!! I can’t wait to stamp my library! Nicci was SO helpful and full of information. Highest quality of customer service, it was like talking to a friend. Thank you!" —dlyates85

    Get it from Paper Peach Shop for $16.99+ (originally $19.99+; available in four stamp styles and several ink colors).