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    13 Weighted Blankets From Amazon That Are So Cozy You Might Just Toss All Your Other Ones Right Out The Window

    It's about time you catch up on all those ZZZs you've been missing out on.

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    Note: Weighted blankets are not an exact science so each individual's experience with one can differ. Find out how weighted blankets work and then if you're still not sure how to pick one of the options below, check out our guide on everything to consider before buying a weighted blanket

    1. A plush weighted blanket for adults boasting shaggy faux fur on one side and Sherpa on the other, that way you truly 🎶 get the best of both worlds 🎶.

    2. A silky-smooth Ynm bamboo weighted blanket so cozy it has reviewers sleeping through the entire night for the first time in years!

    3. A sustainably sourced and handmade chunky-knit weighted blanket (with no filler) for anyone who just wants something breathable to curl up under each day.

    4. A ridiculously soft Sherpa fleece weighted blanket to get lost in and possibly never find your way out of (on purpose, that is).

    5. A 13-pound heated weighted blanket for adults lined with soft micro-mink and Sherpa that you'll want to sprint home to wrap yourself in — especially on chilly days!

    6. A cooling weighted blanket filled with glass beads that'll help you get to sleep without feeling restricted — just take it from the 15K+ reviewers who gave this blanket 5 stars!

    7. A Quilty weighted blanket for toddlers and kids complete with a removable, machine washable cover so you can spend less time worrying about the whole cleaning ordeal and more time cozying up under it.

    8. A Luna weighted blanket made of organic cotton and micro-glass beads for anyone who just wants to feel like they're being hugged all the time.

    9. A luxuriously fluffy faux-fur and Sherpa weighted blanket for adults that's so pretty it basically doubles as chic decor.

    10. A dark-gray cotton weighted blanket to keep your restless self (or maybe your S.O.) from moving around so darn much at night.

    11. A weighted blanket set (for kids and adults) filled with nano-ceramic beads complete with cooling *and* warm fleece duvet covers so you can stay cool or toasty no matter what season it is.

    12. A cotton Ynm weighted blanket designed to conform to your body for the ultimate snuggly snooze sesh.

    13. And a suuuper warm weighted blanket if you cannot stand being cold while you're trying to sleep.

    How you'll be sleeping with your new blanket:

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