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16 Of The Coziest Blankets You Can Get On Amazon

For fulfilling all your winter hibernation goals.

1. Keep it on the lighter side with this charming color-block chevron herringbone blanket.

arm chair with the lightweight blanket with tassels on the edge slung on it

2. Take a bite out of nap time with this cute kid's shark blanket.

kid slipped into the shark blanket in the light, then in the dark showing its eyes glow in the dark

3. Wrap up in this big tartan plaid blanket while you ensure the neighbors' kids aren't stomping all over your lawn.

tartan plaid blanket on a chair in a yard

4. Keep it simple with this soft, woven cotton blanket.

folded white blanket

5. Make your own lap of luxury — aka your own damn lap — with this fringed, chenille throw.

modern chair with a golden yellow chenille throw blanket on it

6. Turn up the temps with this microplush heated throw.

two light color Frenchie dogs cuddled up in the blanket

7. Find your comfort level with this knitted tweed throw.

orange blanket with nubby pattern on it

8. Add some cozy interest to an armchair with this fuzzy, luxurious throw that has pretty color variation.

leather arm chair with faux fur gray blanket on it

9. Sport some sweater camouflage in the wild of your living room with a cozy cableknit throw lined in Sherpa.

like blue cable knit sweater like blanket with white sherpa on the underside

10. Convey that you're used to the finer things in life by casually draping this (faux) polar fur throw on your couch.

white faux fur fuzzy looking throw on a couch in front of a fire

11. Sink into your bed and stay there forever thanks to this pretty printed throw.

couch with a red plaid blanket on it

12. Get a little decorative with this diamond-print blanket.

blanket with diamond stitch on it

13. Skimp on cost — not quality — with this mircrofiber down-alternative blanket.

fluffy blanket with satin edging

14. Cuddle up to a good book (and reading selfie) with this patterned Eddie Bauer down throw.

person on a pier wrapped up in the blanket that has a mountain range picture on it

15. Add some ~lively~ texture to a stuffy armchair with a brushed herringbone blanket.

green herringbone texture blanket on a fancy couch

16. And fulfill your mermaid couch dreams with a crochet mermaid blanket.

person wearing the blanket while sitting on a couch

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