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    16 Things We Wish We Could Say To Our Younger Selves

    "Tell her you love her, otherwise you'll regret the things that never happened because you were too afraid." Inspired by #TweetAtYourself10YearsAgo.

    Julia Pugachevsky / BuzzFeed / iStockphoto

    1. "Please stop crying over stupid boys. THE END."

    Julie Gerstein

    2. "To the precocious me at 13 who's probably watching the Sex and the City finale right now and crying his eyes out, I want you to know that Prince Charming will come sooner than you think. And you'll lose him sooner than you think. But that's OK. You can handle it. You need to know that everything you really need, you already have. And whatever you don't have will come to you when you're ready to receive it."

    Matt Ortile

    3. "Don't go to law school."

    Deena Shanker

    4. "Continue being a nerd and bookworm, don't worry about your looks, and trust your family more. I'd also tell myself to pursue writing more and to not be afraid of doing creative work."

    Ann-Marie Alcántara

    5. "Don't believe Mom and Dad when you're told someone won't pay you to play on the internet all day."

    Austin Hunt

    6. "You'll think giving your crush a romantic note during lunch in front of everyone is a good idea: giiiiiirl."

    Julia Pugachevsky

    7. "Don't worry about peer pressure or feeling like you're not cool enough, you beautiful little weirdo. Keep doing you."

    Krystie Yandoli

    8. "Trust me, flared low-rises and skinny jeans and high-waisted pants. Also, your parents turn out to be really cool. Break more rules."

    Tashween Ali

    9. "Burn that trucker cap. (Going to college after spending 14 years in uniform meant there were some...risks taken? Not all of them panned out.)"

    Alex Alvarez

    10. "In a year you'll discover Janis Joplin and become a total hippie. People won't understand... Tell them to fuck off."

    Kayla Yandoli

    11. "Robbing banks is easier in your time than it is in mine. Follow your dreams."

    Isaac Fitzgerald

    12. "It's OK to start from zero in a new city where you know no one. Get used it, you'll be doing it over and over."

    Conz Preti

    13. "You will end up being hungover by 11:00 p.m. after drinking during happy hour because you're old and can't hang. You'll never stop feeling uncool, grow out of your pop-punk phase, or stop collecting toys. Deal with it."

    Ian Carlos Crawford

    14. "It's going to get harder before it gets better, but you'll be a stronger person because of it. That dude you're seeing? I know you love him but drop him like a hot rock. It's not worth it. You're gonna adopt a dog whose going to chew up a roll of posters but he'll be the best friend you've ever had. Be there when it's time to put him down. It'll be the hardest thing you've ever done, but you won't regret it. Tell her you love her, otherwise you'll regret the things that never happened because you were too afraid. You have no idea how strong you can be. Take deep breaths and deal with it."

    Cates Holderness

    15. "Trust your gut. Stop second-guessing yourself. It will all work out exactly as it should. "

    Jarett Wieselman

    16. "You have no choice in growing old but you do have a choice in growing up!"

    Emmy Favilla

    What do you wish you could say to your younger self? Feel free to tell us in the comments: