10 Perfectly Pink DIY Projects

Because Monday is National Pink Day, and because on Wednesdays we wear pink.

1. Where the heart is.

A Beautiful Mess / Via

No need to wear your heart on your sleeve — use it to carry your essentials instead with this adorable xoxo Heart Clutch tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

2. Oh hey, ombré.

Oh the Lovely Things / Via

Tassels anyone? Make ‘em ombré? Even better!

3. Color mix.

The Proper Pinwheel / Via

Just like Kermit and Miss Piggy, every green needs a little pink!

4. Rock it.

Design Love Fest / Via

Of course your bookends need to be pink gilded rocks! Duh!

5. Swiped stripes.

Sew DIY / Via

Wrap yourself up in pink with painted stripes for that “I just picked this up at a flea market in Morocco” look.

6. In bloom.

Lia Griffith / Via

Make a bouquet of pretty pink blooms that will probably stick around longer than latest boy crush.

7. Maxed out.

A Pair and a Spare / Via

This skirt is so easy to make it’s to “dye” for.

8. Ruffled up.

Tea Rose Home / Via

Turn two basic tees into an adorable ruffled top in less time than it takes to decide what you’re going to wear on Friday night.

9. Easy does it.

Claireabelle Makes / Via

Then take the fabric scraps and braid up a cool matching necklace!

10. Faux real.

Kirsten Nunez / Via

Paint your way to a cool faux stitched rose, no needle and thread needed!

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