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    "Riverdale" Is The Wildest Show To Ever Air On TV, And Here Are 44 Moments To Prove It

    Riverdale is a teen drama, a horror, a comedy, and, above all, a cinematic masterpiece.

    Last week, The CW announced that Riverdale will conclude with a seventh and final season.

    The cast of "Riverdale"

    If you've stuck with the show since 2017, you know that it's been quite the ride. In honor of the series wrapping up soon, I decided to compile a mega list of some of the wildest moments over the years. Here they are below!

    Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead!!!

    1. First, when Jughead gave his iconic (and infamous) "I'm a weirdo" speech.

    Jughead saying he's never fit in and doesn't want to

    Listen to his full monologue here:

    View this video on YouTube

    The CW / Via

    2. When Veronica, a literal teenager, just casually ran a speakeasy in high school.

    Veronica in a bar

    3. When Archie was mauled and almost killed by a bear.

    A person asking Archie how he got his scars and him telling them that he got mauled by a bear

    4. When Betty, a 16-year-old, performed a pole dance in front of the entire town, including her mother and her boyfriend's father, to join the Serpents.

    Betty pole dancing and Jughead looking shocked

    5. Cheryl casually keeping her dead brother's corpse, talking to him, and introducing him to her girlfriend, Toni. Because there's nothing weird about it at all!!!

    A corpse; Toni asking Cheryl what she was doing and Cheryl responding that she's praying

    6. And when Cheryl became convinced that this creepy doll hanging around Jason's corpse was actually the possessed spirit of Julian, their triplet brother whom she supposedly absorbed in the womb.

    The doll with the corpse and the words, "You, Cheryl, had absorbed the third one, eaten it"

    7. When Hiram, Veronica's dad, framed teenage Archie for murder, and then Archie pleaded guilty to manslaughter and went to juvie.

    Archie being arrested and then taking a plea deal

    8. And then when Veronica and the rest of the River Vixens performed a completely serious routine to "Jailhouse Rock" for Archie outside of juvie.

    cheerleaders and then Archie looking at them from behind a fence

    Watch the full performance here:

    View this video on YouTube

    The CW

    9. When Betty's mom and sister casually told her that she might have the "serial killer genes."

    Betty's mom and sister talking to her

    10. When it was revealed that Jason was murdered by his own father, Clifford.

    People looking shocked

    11. When Polly — who was pregnant with her and Jason's twins at the time — discovered that she and Jason were, in fact, biological cousins.

    A woman saying nothing could be more Blossom than the babies, a girl crying, and a man asking what's wrong with them

    12. When everyone joined "The Farm," which turned out to be a cult where they brainwashed people in order to harvest their organs.

    Betty talking about an organ farm

    13. When it turned out that Alice wasn't actually brainwashed by the cult and had actually just been working with the FBI the entire time.

    Two people looking shocked

    14. And THEN when The Farm's leader, Edgar (played by none other than '00s heartthrob Chad Michael Murray), tried to escape by shooting himself out of a rocket.

    Chad Michael Murray on a rocket and a woman holding a gun

    15. When teenage Archie formed a vigilante group called the Red Circle after the Black Hood shot his dad.

    Archie standing with men with red hoods on

    16. And then when Hal was revealed to be the Black Hood, prompting Alice to deliver this epic takedown.

    Alice saying Hal can't do anything right, not even be a serial killer

    17. When everyone conspired to help Jughead fake his own death so that the Stonewall Prep kids wouldn't literally kill him.

    A portrait of Jughead and Archie, Betty, and Veronica being placed under arrest

    18. And when, as part of the plan to protect Jughead, Archie and Betty began "fake dating" so the whole school would believe Jughead was really dead...

    Archie and Betty holding hands and walking down a school hallway

    ...which eventually turned into actual cheating.

    Betty and Archie kissing

    19. When Kevin, Fangs, and Reggie stumbled into the "tickle porn" industry, because why the hell not!

    Kevin asking if Daryl understands they're making tickling videos and Terry saying to relax

    20. Whenever they found time to put on a musical in the midst of all these murders, brainwashing cults, and creepy supernatural occurrences.

    People onstage performing

    21. When the cheerleaders began inexplicably having mass seizures.

    The cheerleaders having seizures

    22. When Betty's long-lost brother, Charles, aka Chic, turned out to actually be an imposter.

    Charles calling Betty's name and Jughead telling him to shut up

    23. And then when the REAL Charles showed up, and he was revealed to be dating imposter Chic. Oh, BTW, Charles also turned out to be a serial killer.

    The imposter and real Charles saying I love you to each other

    24. When Betty and Jughead casually lived under one roof with their literal shared half-brother (Charles) and their parents, while continuing to date.

    The family with an arrow pointing to the shared half-brother

    25. When the Gargoyle King turned out to be Chic.

    The Gargoyle King

    ...and don't forget about the whole Griffins and Gargoyles game!

    People dressed in costumes

    26. When Betty literally chloroformed her mother.

    Betty's mom asking where she is and Betty saying she chloroformed her

    27. When Cheryl and Veronica waterboarded Cheryl's mother with maple syrup.

    A bucket of syrup next to the girls and the mom covered in syrup

    28. Speaking of maple syrup, when a literal ALIEN preserved in syrup was just casually delivered to Jughead at work.

    An alien in an office with Jughead and a coworker reacting

    29. When Archie decided it was totally appropriate to school his fellow inmates on the "epic highs and lows of high school football."

    A high schooler saying he dropped out of school in fourth grade to deal drugs to support his grandma and Archie describing football to him

    30. When Betty had a vision of Alice and Polly throwing the twins, Juniper and Dagwood, into a fire and then the babies just started LEVITATING.

    People holding babies

    31. When Cheryl literally sent Josie a pig's heart.

    Cheryl insulting Josie and Josie pointing out that she once sent her a pig's heart

    32. When Nana Rose revealed that there are actually a bunch of secret Blossoms just casually living in the woods.

    A person saying, "You're saying there's a secret illegitimate clan of Blossoms that have lived in the woods for two generations?"

    33. When Polly attacked a nurse named Betty and almost "clawed her face off."

    A person saying that Polly attacked a nurse

    34. Whenever "Dark Betty" made an appearance.

    Dark Betty saying she might have to punish someone and then her in a bedroom with a guy

    35. When it was revealed that "tangerine" was apparently the word that triggered Betty's darkness.

    A guy saying "tangerine" and Dark Betty appearing

    36. When Jughead's sister, Jellybean, anonymously began sending out creepy surveillance videos of people pretending to kill Riverdale residents while wearing these creepy, creepy masks.

    A group of people wearing creepy masks

    37. When Hiram, who was the mayor at the time, quarantined the entire town.

    A radio announcement that the town has been quarantined and Hiram saying they did the right thing

    38. When Veronica killed her husband, Chadwick, after he tried to kill her.

    View this video on YouTube

    The CW / Via

    Just watch the full scene above. I don't have the energy to even try to describe this mess.

    39. And when Veronica put out a hit on her father and then was shocked when Hiram was, in fact, killed.

    Veronica crying; Pokemon looking surprised

    40. When Toni, Fangs, Jughead, Betty, and Tabitha went to take down the "moth men."

    A moth man

    41. When Tabitha literally traveled through time, because that's just a thing on Riverdale now, I guess.

    Tabitha telling Archie she can time travel

    42. When Archie and Betty discovered they had acquired superpowers after an explosion. Also, Jughead gained the ability to read minds.

    Betty and Archie talking about how they feel after the explosion

    43. When they sacrificed Archie in an alternate universe called "Rivervale."

    Archie being sacrificed by a group of people

    ...yes, RiverVALE. Emphasis on the "v."

    A title card that says, "Rivervale"

    44. And finally, when they solved the whole Rivervale conundrum by going full MULTIVERSE!!!

    The seasons 1 and 2 Reggies in the same room are truly a work of art.

    You can watch Season 6 of Riverdale on Sundays on The CW.