23 Times Actors Had To Film A Scene They Found Inappropriate, Uncomfortable, Or Just Plain Cringe-Worthy

    "I was like, ‘I’m not doing this. This is inappropriate.' I don’t think this is what we should be teaching 16-year-old girls to be doing."

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    1. Jessica Alba hated filming her character Sue's death scene in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

    Sue dying

    2. Denzel Washington got pretty tired of filming the Equalizer scene when his character, Robert, sets off the sprinklers in a warehouse.

    Denzel glaring, his face wet

    3. Hilarie Burton found the Season 1 One Tree Hill scene where Peyton unbuttoned Lucas's shirt and kissed his stomach extremely uncomfortable to film.

    Lucas and Peyton making out

    4. Sophia Bush fought with her boss on One Tree Hill over scenes that included teenage Brooke in her underwear.

    Brooke waits in Lucas' car after the game and starts undressing herself to impress him
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    5. Evangeline Lilly disliked most of her Lost character Kate's later storylines — especially when she chased after Jack in Season 3 and ended up getting captured by The Others.

    Jack asks what Kate is doing there and she says she came to get him

    6. Penn Badgley was "disgusted" after filming the scene where his character, Joe, masturbates outside Beck's apartment on You.

    Joe masturbating as he watches Beck masturbate

    7. Miriam McDonald was dissatisfied with the way Emma's eating disorder storyline was portrayed on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Manny pleads with Emma to stop, Emma: "No one's gonna die, I'm gonna try to beat this Manny"

    8. Lyle Lettau hated a particular Tristan and Miles scene in Season 4 of Degrassi: Next Class so much that the show actually cut it altogether.

    Lettau: "Tristan gets mad because Miles says he doesn't just wanna be 'the gay writer' and I was the one in rehearsal being like 'I don't get why Tristan's mad at Miles,' you should be able to make your own decision and not have someone mad at you"

    9. James Marsters hated filming the scene where Spike attempted to rape Buffy in Season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Spike says "Buffy, my god, I didn't..." and Buffy replies "because I stopped you!"

    10. Mila Kunis called her character Odile's sex scene with Black Swan costar Natalie Portman "uncomfortable."

    11. Naya Rivera thought Santana's rant to Kurt on Glee was too mean and crossed the line by insulting Chris Colfer's appearance.

    View this video on YouTube

    Glee Scenes / YouTube / FOX / Via youtube.com

    "It was so mean. It blurred the lines too much," Rivera said of the monologue. "I remember, like, [Colfer] being upset about it and we just had to do it over and over and over again. I was like, 'I'm sorry, I didn't write it!'"

    12. Ian Harding was uncomfortable with the message that Ezra and Aria's student-teacher relationship sent on Pretty Little Liars.

    Aria and Ezra at a gallery

    13. Candice King felt stressed and dealt with imposter syndrome in the Vampire Diaries scenes where her character, Caroline, cried over her mother Liz's death.

    14. Danielle Rose Russell, Kaylee Bryant, and Jenny Boyd were NOT fans of the scene where the giant spider exploded on them in Season 1 of Legacies.

    Josie and Hope drenched in "spider guts," Danielle wailing as it's poured on her behind the scenes

    15. Lauren Graham felt uncomfortable with Lorelai's reaction to overhearing Rory telling Paris she's still a virgin in Season 3 of Gilmore Girls.

    Rory tells Paris she hasn't had sex, Lorelai eavesdrops and mouths to herself "I've got the good kid"

    16. Alexis Bledel was disappointed with Rory's ending on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

    Rory tells Lorelai she's pregnant

    17. Courteney Cox called the fountain part of the opening credits for Friends a "nightmare to film."

    18. Matt LeBlanc initially refused to do the storyline where his character, Joey, dated Rachel on Friends.

    Ross walking in on Joey and Rachel making out

    19. David Schwimmer was not a big fan of the scenes with the monkey on Friends.

    Ross with monkey on his shoulder

    20. Lili Reinhart asked Riverdale to stop including "Dark Betty" scenes because she found them so uncomfortable to film.

    Betty wearing dark wig and corset for Jughead: "I might have to punish you"

    21. Emilia Clarke called Daenerys's nude scenes in Season 1 of Game of Thrones "terrifying" to shoot.

    Viserys examining Daenerys' naked body

    22. Kit Harington called filming scenes when his character, Jon, interacted with Daenerys's dragons in Game of Thrones "horrific."

    23. And finally, Daniel Radcliffe was NOT fond of any of the quidditch scenes he filmed in the Harry Potter films.

    Which ones surprised you? Let us know in the comments!

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