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    Here Are 23 "Riverdale" Moments That Prove Why Betty And Archie Are Meant To Be

    "A part of me has been in love with Archie for 10 years."

    Two years ago, I made my case for why Betty and Archie should be together on Riverdale. While we still have yet to see the pair officially become a couple, we've been fed a LOT of Barchie content in the past couple of seasons, and I'm more convinced than ever that they're meant to be.

    So here are 23 reasons why Riverdale really needs to let Betty and Archie just date already:

    Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!!!

    1. First, the show planted the seeds for Barchie in the pilot.

    Kevin: "Betty and Archie aren't dating but they are endgame"

    2. They love each other, full stop. This isn't even up for debate!

    Archie: "Of course I love you Betty," Betty: "I think a part of me has been in love with Archie for 10 years"

    3. When they were little, Betty tutored Archie every single day so he wouldn't get held back in school. When Archie passed, he kissed her and asked her to marry him...and neither of them have ever forgotten it!

    Archie tells Veronica the story of him kissing Betty and asking her to marry him in Season 1, Archie and Betty talk about how she tutored him in Season 3

    4. Try to convince me that Archie doesn't look at Betty with literal heart eyes. I'll wait.

    No one: Nobody at all: Archie Andrews looking at Betty Cooper:

    @Barchiedaily / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Barchiedaily

    5. Archie is incredibly protective over Betty.

    6. And Betty would do anything for Archie — she's truly his ride-or-die for life.

    Betty tells her mom she's never going to stop being friends with Archie

    7. In fact, when Archie was falsely accused of murder, Betty spent her entire summer working on his case because she couldn't bear the thought of losing him.

    Betty: "I haven't stopped or slept a wink working on Archie's case"

    8. Because a little part of Archie always thought he and Betty would end up together.

    Archie says he likes Veronica a lot but "a little part him always thought..."

    9. Even when they were both dating other people, they couldn't stop thinking about each other.

    Archie: "I can't stop thinking about you, I've tried but it's literally impossible," Betty: "I can't stop thinking about you either"

    10. Their first onscreen kiss was incredibly powerful...

    11. ...but this kiss in Season 4? Literally one of the best TV kisses EVER. They even used flashbacks of early Barchie moments leading up to the kiss!

    Betty and Archie kiss while rehearsing their song

    12. And this sequence of them gazing out their bedroom windows and imagining dancing together? Simply *chef's kiss.*

    Betty and Archie slow-dancing

    13. Archie wrote a love song for Betty and serenaded her with it.

    "it's a song i wrote...for you"

    14. They practically invented childhood-friends-to-lovers.

    Betty and Archie listening to music together as little kids alongside them lying on the bed next to each other in present day

    15. Plus, they totally nailed the whole "faking dating" trope.

    Betty and Archie holding hands at school

    16. Archie has always been there for Betty.

    Archie: "I'm here for you, I always have been," Betty: "Yeah you have haven't you?", they kiss

    17. Archie literally said he's "happy to kiss Betty any time."

    Betty texts: "hope I wasn't a bad kisser," Archie replies, "you were great, happy to do that any time"

    18. Three words: THE. SHOWER. SCENE.

    Betty and Archie have sex in the shower

    19. The friends-with-benefits storyline in Season 5 showed how much chemistry they truly have.

    Betty and Archie kiss in Season 5

    20. KJ Apa (who plays Archie) ships Barchie!

    We put in little subtle moments with Archie and Betty like that U pick up every and where U can fully see whats going and U can see that they have very special relationship they spent whole lives together which kind of beats all the other relationships around us-@kj_apa #Barchie

    @BarchieUpdates / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BarchieUpdates

    21. Because Betty and Archie look at each other like this.

    betty and archie looking at each-other

    22. At the end of the day, they're best friends — and nothing will ever change that.

    Archie: "We're not just friends we're best friends"

    23. And finally, because it was always supposed to be Betty and Archie!

    Kevin: "It was always supposed to be Betty and Archie"

    Here's hoping the Riverdale gods finally let Barchie happen soon!!!