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26 Fabulous Yet Affordable Gifts For The Fashion-Lover In Your Life

Need a stylish gift on a $25 budget? Look no further.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

1. A chic and versatile cross-body bag with tassel zippers guaranteed to be their new everyday purse. It's lightweight, comes in tonsss of color options, and will perfectly fit their PKW (phone, keys, wallet).

2. An initial necklace, because personalized gifts always feel extra special. This will totally be their new go-to accessory.

3. A pair of snag-proof opaque tights that I can personally promise they will love. The tights come in neutrals as well as fun colors, they are seriously durable, and the fit is incredibly comfy.

buzzfeed shopping editor wearing gray tights with a sweatshirt dress

4. Or a pair of fishnet tights to layer under their ripped jeans for a cool, edgy look.

5. A front-tie waffle knit tunic that'll pair great with their fave jeans and booties. This versatile piece will surely be a new staple in their closet.

6. A loop-through faux fur stole so they can stay warm and look ultra fabulous all winter long. It'll definitely make them feel like someone's rich auntie.

Reviewer in the navy stole

7. A slouchy beanie with a faux fur pom-pom, because no one likes a cold head. It also makes a great solution for a bad hair day.

8. A variety pack of beautiful hair clips that'll automatically elevate even their most simple hairstyles.

The pack is mix of resin, beaded, and pearl hair clips

9. A chunky knit scarf for keeping them cozy and adding some texture to any outfit. Style + warmth = the ultimate winter accessory.

10. A printed pleated skirt perfect for twirling around in during any season. They'll love finding different ways to style this statement piece.

11. A giant pack of velvet hair scrunchies, because although the VSCO trend may be over, velvet scrunchies are forever! Anyone who loves to accessorize (or just rock a messy bun at all times) will adore having a scrunchie to match Every. Single. Outfit.

reviewer showing the pack of scrunchies in multiple colors laid out

12. A casual long-sleeve top for a sporty chic look that'll make the perfect go-to when they don't know what to throw on with their jeans or joggers.

13. A pair of stainless-steel hoop earrings to add that extra oomph to all of their outfits.

14. A solid crew neck sweatshirt they can wear for everything from morning jogs, to working from home, to cozying up for a Netflix Christmas movie marathon.

15. A sheer mock turtleneck that'll make them feel like the star they are. ✨

16. A draped bow scrunchie to transform their go-to ponytail into a fashion-forward hairdo.

17. A pair of acrylic drop statement earrings, because they are chic, elegant, and perfect for the person who never leaves the house without earrings in.

18. A 10-pack of vintage boho style rings for the person who's always rocking the trendiest accessories. They come in a variety of sizes so they can wear them on different fingers.

19. A pair of glittery socks that'll add a bit of sparkle to their look, whether they rock them with heels, sneakers or have them peeking out of their booties.

model wearing the black glittery socks with black sneakers

20. A variety pack of chokers to add a bit of edge and nostalgia to their daily attire.

21. A fuzzy knit headwrap, because no one likes it when their ears are cold. And this is a great solution if they're always having to choose between wearing a ponytail or wearing a hat.

model wearing the white, pink, and blue headwrap

22. A pair of sleek black sunglasses guaranteed to make them feel extra cool when they put them on. 😎

23. And a hard shell glasses case so their frames won't break when they get tossed in their bag.

24. A self-love T-shirt dress perfect for lounging around in or rocking with some tights and combat boots.

model wearing the T-shirt dress in gray

25. A cute "Black & Proud" tote bag they can use to throw their stuff in when they're running to the store.

black and proud tote bag

26. And a pair of fuzzy slippers that'll make them feel like a stylish queen, even when they're just shuffling around their apartment.

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