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    26 Things That'll Stop You From Ever Needing Anyone's Help For Anything Ever Again

    Stand back, I got this.

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    1. A genius bracelet fastener, because who was the terrible person who decided that putting on a fab bauble should be a two-person operation??? IN YOUR FACE, whoever you are!

    2. Waterproof screen repair tape so you can patch up holes in seconds, no expensive repairs or replacements required.

    3. A countertop herb garden that's got LED grow lights that turn themselves on and off automatically and indicators that remind you when it's time to feed or water your sprouts, so even folks who can barely grow a succulent can handle it.

    4. A fast-drying grout-coating pen to get your tile looking brand spankin' new for, like, a zillionth the cost of a pro job.*

    5. A mozzarella and ricotta making kit that comes complete with everything you need (besides milk) to make the Italian delights in just half an hour — it gives new meaning to the phrase "easy cheese."

    6. An acupressure foot massage roller over 2,000 reviewers love. It's so good that when bae refuses to rub your stinky feet (how dare), you won't even be mad.

    7. A super easy-to-use dessert decorating pen that's basically Pinterest fail-proof. Prepare to have people wrongfully accuse you of bringing store-bought treats to the bake sale.

    8. A teeth whitening charcoal powder with over 15,000 (!!!!) positive reviews for anyone who wants Chip Skylark-level shiny teeth on a non-popstar budget.

    9. 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know, a tome full of insights on how to do everything from understand your plumbing system to cut heating costs to roll paint properly to protect your belongings. TL;DR, you'll no longer feel like you need to call someone to fix every little (or even medium-sized or big) problem.

    10. A fun sushi-making tool that couldn't be easier — you just load it with rice and the filling of your choice, close it up, and shoot out a roll that's ready to be wrapped and cut into maki. In other words, not unlike REO Speedwagon, it'll be here when you are ready to roll with the changes.

    11. A peel-off barrier nail polish so you can erase all your mani missteps and end up with a salon-quality polish job.

    12. Or if you want to get even fancier with your mani, some van Gogh-inspired stickers that give new meaning to the phrase "nail art." Everyone will be asking where you got them done and you can tell them, "It's a hot new salon called My Couch."

    13. A just-add-alcohol travel Old Fashioned cocktail kit so you can craft a perfect drink at home, on a plane or train, in a hotel room, or anywhere where you've got access to booze but not a bartender.

    14. The Satisfyer Pro 2, a game-changing sex toy that uses air pulses to give you the sensation of someone sucking your clit only...better? Listen, when I said this list was gonna show you how to do everything yourself, I meant EVERYTHING.

    15. An ingenious hot air brush that's basically a blowdryer and round brush in one, so you won't feel like you need about three more limbs to get a profesh-looking blowout at home.

    16. A deep-cleansing clay mask to yank every last bit of gunk out of your pores for the best (and most affordable) at-home facial EVER.

    17. An absolutely adorable no-sew build-you-own stuffed animal kit, because it's simply not fair that some of us don't live near a Build-A-Bear.

    18. A handy zipper pull tool sure to make you say, "Where have you been all my life?!?" and make you pull all of those back-zip dresses out of the depths of your closet.

    19. Bridal mini emergency kit that'll solve so many wedding-day problems, it'll basically make bridesmaids obsolete.

    20. A headlight restoration wipe kit to leave your car looking fabulous (and make your lights safer) for a fraction of the cost of a trip to the shop.

    21. And a windshield repair kit so you can fix dings all by yourself. Spend a ton of money on a repair every time a pebble hits my windshield on the highway? You're cracking me up.

    22. A fast-drying, super strong metal glue perfect for anyone who makes their own jewelry or who has ever needed to reset a loose stone or broken link or clasp.

    23. A set of heel protectors to conceal and stabilize worn-out heel caps in seconds. Because do you have time to go to the cobbler every time you wear a fave pair down to the nail? Heel no.

    24. A cool hot sauce making kit that'll literally and figuratively add some spice to your culinary endeavors.

    25. An 11-function stainless steel multi-tool you can keep in your wallet and whip out like a super spy in any emergency — and yes, that includes when your friends think they forgot a bottle opener.

    26. A subscription to Sun Basket, a meal delivery service featuring organic produce and clean ingredients that'll eviscerate any and all excuses you have not to cook yourself a healthy dinner.

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