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    24 Of The Best Teeth Whiteners You Can Get On Amazon

    Get your teeth so shiny that Chip Skylark will wanna sing about them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A miraculous, natural activated charcoal powder with over 13,000 (!!!!) positive reviews to make your gorgeous smile even more stunning.,

    Side note: My grandpa swears by this stuff, and my grandpa has very high standards.

    Promising review: "You guys, this stuff is awesome! I drink black coffee, red wine, and soda. I've used whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and nothing has whitened my teeth like this stuff. It has no taste or scent. I use it at night before bed and you see results almost immediately. If you want your teeth white, this really works." β€”Goseegaby

    Price: $21.99 (also available in cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, and vanilla)

    2. Or the same charcoal magic in the form of a whitening toothpaste if you prefer paste to powder.

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised. This actually tastes good, and I can see a real improvement in the brightness of my teeth. I love coffee, and I've tried other teeth whiteners to offset the staining of my teeth, but I never used them consistently enough because I didn't have time. With this option, all I had to do was switch toothpastes β€” no additional time or hassle involved. Big win!" β€”D. Taylor

    Price: $14.99

    3. An amazingly affordable stain-fighting toothpaste that also helps strengthen enamel. And it lives up to the brand name Rembrandt, cause it'll turn your mouth into a true masterpiece.

    Promising review: "This is the only toothpaste I use. If I take a month off of using it I see the difference. It's an extra buck for a deep clean that truly makes a difference. I've had fewer cavities since using the product as well." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $11.38 for a two-pack

    4. Crest Whitestrips, magical strips with the power to remove up to TEN YEARS of stains from your smile when used for just 30 minutes a day, and the results can last for six months or more!,

    Yeah, I'm talking about saying buh-bye to coffee stains that have been there since Miley Cyrus had long hair and fringed boots were cool.

    Promising review: "I'm always skeptical, but I've wanted to try these for a while. Finally, I couldn't stand how yellow my teeth were from coffee and cigarettes. Whitening toothpaste did nothing. I gave these a go and I am SO GLAD I did! I'm not even done with my first box and my teeth are so much whiter! I use these once per day before bed. They stay on well and don't ooze (major plus)! Every day I take a picture and compare it to the first one, and I can see amazing progress!" β€”Brooke

    Price: $34.88 for 28 strips (14 treatments)

    5. A handy LED light tray, which connects to your phone or laptop and reduces the time you need to keep whitening strips on your chompers. The best part? You don't even have to get up from your cozy seat to go sit by an outlet.,

    It works for both upper and lower teeth and can also be used with whitening gels, which can be applied directly on it. It comes with three adapters so it's compatible with iPhone, Android, or USB ports.

    Promising review: "A friend recommended this product to me and now I can't stop smiling to show off my teeth! I've used whitening strips before, but my teeth are very sensitive so I didn't use them often enough to maintain white teeth. With this light, I only had to keep the strips on for a fraction of the time and got awesome results. People have been complimenting my bright teeth all week and someone even asked if I had veneers. I'm very happy with this product!" β€”Lea M

    Price: $29.99

    6. Food-grade, vegan activated charcoal powder that can also be used to make a mask, so you can pamper your whole dang face with it.,

    Promising review: "I love this! I have extremely sensitive teeth and was using a $30 prescription toothpaste. That prescription toothpaste still made my teeth hurt. So I switched to charcoal and not only is there no pain, but it's whitened my teeth!" β€”Allison

    Price: $6.99

    7. An alcohol-free pre-rinse mouthwash to use before brushing your teeth to give yourself an extra boost of whitening power plus fresher breath that lasts.

    @supersmileofficial / Via

    Promising review: "I've used all the big name brands of mouthwash, but this is the first one that actually did what it claimed for me. I'd just become a coffee drinker for a new early shift at work, so my smile had seen better days. The best way to tell if a mouthwash (or any whitening product) is working well is to not tell anyone you're using it and see if they say anything. Within three days I was receiving compliments from everyone around me, and I definitely noticed it myself. The product started causing pain after about a week, but I wasn't too surprised since I have sensitive teeth. I cut back to once a day and added water to the solution. The bottle suggests a half-and-half mixture but 1/3 water works fine. It's still whitening excellently for me. I used to get dry mouth in the mornings after just using toothpaste and flossing, but this has eliminated that. It keeps my breath fresh until after lunch (so for about six hours) and even after coffee and a granola bar. I was only looking for something to whiten my teeth, so this was a very welcome bonus. It may seem expensive, but you barely need to use any to get results. You don't need to use much and one bottle can last a very long time." β€”Brett Llewellyn

    Price: $18

    8. White Wipes, travel-sized wonders that'll eliminate wine and coffee stains in a flash and leave you looking ready for your closeup.

    They come individually wrapped so it's easy to toss a couple in a pocket or purse.

    Promising review: "I wish I could give these 10 stars! I love coffee and had slightly yellow, brownish-stained front teeth. I've paid for cleaners, brighteners, and dental cleanings, but since I drink coffee daily, I would still have these stains. This product is simply awesome. The wipes truly work and wipe off stains quickly. They aren't unpleasant tasting and they gave me back my pretty smile and confidence!" β€”Peggie Grieve

    Price: $7.29 for a box of 12

    9. A mint-flavored charcoal that's perfect for sensitive teeth and will make your chompers look so polished, it'll live up to the brand name, Tuxedo. What's that Taylor Swift lyric again? "The ties were black, the teeth were white?" Sounds right to me.,

    Promising review: "I've been using this product for less than a week and I love it! I've been brushing my teeth twice a day, making sure to use this product right before brushing my teeth with regular toothpaste. I'm super impressed. I purchased this because my bottom front teeth have slowly been pushed together and are bending inwards. I noticed the two center teeth kept getting more and more yellow over time despite having great hygiene. Toothpaste alone wasn't doing the job and I can't use strip whitening products because I have very sensitive teeth. I decided to give Tuxedo a try since it's all-natural and organic. I'm so incredibly happy I did! In less than a week, I've seen a MAJOR improvement in the whiteness of my teeth and the yellow parts have become more faint the more I use the product. I haven't noticed any sensitivity with my teeth. I sincerely recommend this product to anyone out there looking for something to whiten their teeth without using chemicals or causing tooth sensitivity. This is the best thing that has happened to my smile in a very long time." β€”iheartoffbeat

    Price: $19.97

    10. A pack of soft-bristled, charcoal-infused toothbrushes to add a gentle whitening boost to your everyday brushing routine (without taking any extra time).

    The bristles are also extra thin to really get into every last nook and cranny.

    Promising review: "The soft, thin bristles do a good job of removing plaque and food debris from between my teeth and along my gum line. My teeth are sensitive and the soft bristles make for a more comfortable experience against my enamel erosion. My teeth also seem a smidge whiter after two weeks of use. I'm sure my results would be more drastic if I paired the product with a teeth-whitening toothpaste or activated charcoal powder." β€”April

    Price: $4.90 for a pack of three

    11. A fast-acting whitening pen that's easy to take on the go, so even the busiest of folks can have a show-stopping grin.

    Promising review: "This really works! I love it because it gets rid of coffee stains almost instantly." β€”LB

    Price: $5.87

    12. POPWHITE Whitening Primer Toothpaste, a fun purple paste which'll make your pearly whites dazzle so dashingly, everyone you meet will think they just had a brush with a celebrity.

    Promising review: "I've been drinking coffee, cocoa, and tea since I was in kindergarten. This toothpaste has removed 20+ years of yellow stains off of my teeth in three weeks. My teeth are two shades whiter. For years, I've used peroxide and drugstore whitening toothpastes. They didn't work, but this actually works for me! My boyfriend started to use this toothpaste, too, and I've seen the yellow on his teeth fade a shade already! I've already whitened my teeth using 1/8 of a tube of this, which cost me significantly less money than a professional whitening. This toothpaste was worth every penny!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $24

    13. An all-natural charcoal powder that's made from USA hardwood trees, is great for sensitive teeth, and works fast.,

    Promising review: "Holy cow does this stuff work! I was a smoker for 10 years and my teeth were stained with that tint of yellow. I got this and ran straight to my bathroom to try it. One brushing and my teeth are 100% whiter. I couldn't believe my eyes." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $12.99

    14. An affordable pack of whitening strips that prove you don't have to rely on a name brand to get the bright stuff.

    Promising review: "I’m really impressed with these teeth whitening strips! They're an off brand and not expensive at all, but they worked just as well, if not better then Crest Whitestrips! My teeth got super white with these and I drink coffee all day long. I’ve had several people comment on how white my teeth are recently. I didn’t experience any of the discomforts that can come with these type of strips. I will buy them again!" β€”MB

    Price: $19.99

    15. A long-lasting supply of The Dirt powdered toothpaste, which doesn't sound like something that would get your teeth looking cleaner than ever, but it will.,

    It's flouride-, gluten-, and soy-free!

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. In just two brushings, it removed the brown/black stains I had from using liquid iron supplements that even my hygienist couldn't get off my teeth. It removed all of the tea stains on my teeth in less than a week. It looks like I had a very thorough dental cleaning and professional teeth whitening done. In fact, I've had several people ask me where I got my teeth whitened and how much it cost, just because it's that noticeable of a difference. My teeth feel super clean and smooth. Even first thing in the morning, I don't have that gross, fuzzy teeth feeling." β€”Dazie

    Price: $19.99 (available in two flavors) for a three-month supply or $11.99 for a six-week supply

    16. A vegan and gluten-free three-piece remineralization kit that not only whitens, but helps strengthen thin enamel that can cause painful sensitivity and freshens breath!, @uncle_harrys / Via

    It includes a whitening powdered polish, "Miracle Mouthwash" that claims to eliminate bacteria and neutralize acidity, and a liquid remineralizer made with strengthening minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

    Promising review: "After using the products as directed, my mouth feels incredibly clean, like after-the-dentist clean! I had some gum sensitivity before using these products, but now it's totally gone. My mouth also used to get dry a couple hours after brushing with commercial toothpastes, but not at all since using Uncle Harry's. My teeth are much whiter β€” like many shades whiter." β€”Stacey F

    Price: $19.95

    17. An at-home, professional whitening kit with hands-free trays you can wear while getting on with the rest of your life. In other words, you can sink your teeth into your latest Netflix binge and an effective whitening treatment at the same damn time.,

    It includes two syringes of whitening gel, two syringes of remineralizing gel for desensitization, two mouth BPA-free mouth trays, a whitening LED light, a retainer case, and instructions.

    Promising review: "The cool thing about this kit is that in addition to the whitening gel, it also has a gel to decrease sensitivity. That's a big plus for me, as I have sensitive teeth! It's easy to use, and the LED is comfortable enough. The first session felt like it took forever, but I got used to it in a day or so, and just went about the rest of my routine until the timer I set went off. I thought it would leave a bad taste in my mouth, like other gels have, but it didn't. Overall, I'm very happy with the whitening (gotta undo some of that wine/coffee damage!). This kit is perfect for my sensitive teeth." β€”DamieBird

    Price: $24.99

    18. A minty, natural, and organic charcoal powder that over 1,000 reviewers love, so honestly I wouldn't be surprised if those little cartoon sparkles start showing up whenever you smile.

    Promising review: "I've been using this once or twice a day for the last two months and I honestly cannot believe the results! Whitening strips, mouthwashes, and other products weren't giving me the results I wanted, and I wasn't interested in getting my teeth bleached at the dentist's office. When I read some of the reviews for this, it seemed like people were seeing immediate results, and all the hype gave me hope. Within the first week of using this twice a day I saw significant improvement. My teeth looked brighter and I loved how clean they felt! Now my teeth just look white, and not in an artificial way. I get so many compliments and get asked how I keep them so white. My confidence in my smile has been restored and I actually find myself smiling at anyone who comes my way. My method for using this has been to brush vigorously for two minutes, rinse with water, brush my teeth and tongue with normal toothpaste, and finish with mouthwash using a Waterpik flosser." β€”ASH

    Price: $14.97

    19. A breath-freshening and whitening powder made with charcoal and raw cacao. Whoever said chocolate was bad for your teeth clearly hadn't heard of this stuff.,

    Note that you can't taste the cacao, but reviewers say it has a light, fresh taste.

    Promising review: "I wish it were possible to give this product more than five stars. I have very sensitive teeth so other whitening products are uncomfortable and painful to use. This powder is extremely gentle on my teeth, yet very effective. The first time I tried it, I noticed a difference right away, but I thought it was just me. It wasn't until I went out and my friends and family asked me if I had gotten my teeth professionally whitened that I realized it wasn't just me who saw the difference. I don't usually write reviews on products but this one deserved it. I'd recommend it to anyone." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $14.95

    20. A Waterpik water flosser that not only will get your chompers super clean, but also comes with whitening tablets you can insert into the flosser itself. The tablet dissolves in the water to provide so much extra cleaning power, it could probably put your dentist out of business.

    It claims to remove up to 25% more stains than just brushing would.

    Promising review: "This is the best flosser I've ever had! You can see the whitening results after just one use! It cleans your teeth so well, you almost feel like you don't need a toothbrush anymore. I definitely recommend it." β€”Kororowo

    Price: $78.99

    21. Minty charcoal toothpaste so you can reap the awesome whitening benefits of charcoal without making a powdery mess.

    This stain-fighting formula is also natural and cruelty-free!

    Promising review: "This is the only brand of charcoal toothpaste I will ever buy. I’ve tried many different brands of charcoal toothpaste and this is, BY FAR, the best there is! It has a wonderful flavor β€” I’ve tried both flavors and they're equally good, and don’t leave a funky aftertaste in your mouth like most other toothpastes. You can eat and drink right after you brush and it won’t affect the taste of your food or drink. It whitens very quickly as well! My husband and I both saw results within a week!" β€”Ashley

    Price: $9.99 (available in spearmint or peppermint)

    22. A two-step toothpaste kit that includes a paste that deep cleans like a trip to the dentist and a whitening gel to really pamper your pearly whites. Your teeth love it when you 1, 2 step.,

    Promising review: "Wow. Finally, a whitening toothpaste that lives up to the hype. The price is so worth it. I've never found a whitening toothpaste this effective (at one point I was brushing with baking soda and peppermint oil because nothing else worked as well). With this, my teeth were shades whiter in just one week. It actually makes a difference each brush and makes me look forward to brushing my teeth." β€”Sasha McKinley-Yunker

    Price: $9.99

    23. A natural, non-abrasive charcoal powder you use once or twice a week for an easy yet transformational addition to your self care routine.

    Promising review: "I didn't get paid for writing this review, but I did get something β€” I got WHITE teeth!!! 😁😁 Seriously, after one use! It's amazing. I've tried peroxide whiteners from my dentist and Amazon and had no luck or had to use it 75 times to notice a difference. I've sent pictures to all my friends and family of myself before and after using this product. It's bananas! Thank you for this life-changing product." β€”Christina Crawford

    Price: $14.95

    24. Supersmile's activating rods and whitening system to basically give yourself a professional-level whitening treatment at home, because let's face it, no one likes going to the dentist.,

    The rods feature a swab and an activating gel that you just swipe on your teeth and let sit for 30 seconds, and which is thought to speed up and maximize the effects of the other whitening products. The whitening system, meanwhile, includes two pastes, a whitening toothpaste and an accelerator, which both contain fluoride.

    Promising review (for the whitening system): "I found this when I was working at a dental convention. They gave me a sample the first day and after six days, my teeth were whiter so I bought some. I have relatively white teeth but used to have some staining. This removes all staining after brushing for a week or two and I feel it dramatically whitens my teeth. I get compliments on how white my teeth are. I just went six months without it and I felt like my teeth were not quite yellow, but dingy-looking. After three days of using it again, I can already notice a slight difference in the brightness. I can't be without this stuff. It's my secret weapon :)." β€”RachelVon

    Price: $39 for 12 activating rods and $40 for the two-paste whitening system

    Take it away, Chip!


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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