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Here's A Detail You Never Noticed About Your Favorite Marvel Movie

There's another Hemsworth brother in the MCU.

Kat Angus • One day ago

It's Been Another Wild Week On Tumblr, So Here Are The 18 Bests Posts I Found

"My DNA test came back positive. I definitely have DNA."

Kat Angus • One day ago
Kat Angus • 5 days ago
Kat Angus • 6 days ago
Kat Angus • 6 days ago

15 People Who Were Such HUUUGE A-Holes That Reddit Called Them On It

Sometimes you're wrong, and sometimes you're REALLY wrong.

Kat Angus • 6 days ago

The 17 Best Tumblr Posts I Saw This Week

"What if Mike were short for Micycle?"

Kat Angus • 8 days ago
Kat Angus • 10 days ago
Kat Angus • 11 days ago
Kat Angus • 13 days ago
Kat Angus • 14 days ago

These 10 Questions Can Determine Your Romantic Attachment Style

Are you strong and secure, anxious, or avoidant?

Kat Angus • 15 days ago

17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts To Read If You Need A Distraction Right Now

"Outer space could be filled with vampires and we'd never know, because every telescope uses mirrors."

Kat Angus • 15 days ago
Kat Angus • 17 days ago

16 Times Tumblr Perfectly Explained What It's Like To Be Child-Free

"It really messes me up that you can accidentally create a human life, but you can’t accidentally make a pizza."

Kat Angus • 19 days ago

18 Moms And Dads Who Are Far Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

If you don't make bad puns, are you even a parent?

Kat Angus • 20 days ago

21 Times Millennials Clapped The Hell Back At Baby Boomers

"If I had a dollar for every time a Baby Boomer complained about my generation, I'd have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined."

Kat Angus • 20 days ago

19 Things You Should Accomplish By The Age Of 35

"By age 35, you should have a kitchen cabinet dedicated entirely to plastic bags that contain other, smaller plastic bags."

Kat Angus • 20 days ago

17 Really Excellent Tumblr Posts I Came Across This Week

Another week, another Tumblr roundup.

Kat Angus • 22 days ago

19 Utterly Terrible Life Hacks That Won't Work, But Will At Least Make You Laugh

"Tired of always boiling water for your pasta? Just boil a big load in the beginning of the week and freeze it for later use!"

Kat Angus • 28 days ago