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    15 Things That Are *Super* On Sale At Michael Kors Canada Right Now

    Stock up on stylish staples for hundreds of dollars off.

    1. 70% off a chic shoulder bag that has plenty of side pockets, so you'll have plenty of room to carry all your essentials, whether you're taking a trip across the country or just to the corner store.

    A model carrying a green Michael Kors shoulder bag

    2. 50% off an asymmetrical puffer coat with a snap buckle that adds a dash of sophistication to this super warm winter wear.

    Model wearing a puffer coat with an asymmetrical collar and a belt

    3. 30% off a cropped sweater that's suitable for both a day at the office and a night out with your pals.

    4. 60% off a water-repellant coat with a quilted nylon inner layer, so you'll stay dry and warm all winter long.

    Model wearing a long navy coat with a lighter blue quilted lining

    5. 76% off a pink leather satchel that is surprisingly spacious inside, with two slip pockets on the outside to keep your keys or other doodads you'll want easy access to.

    A pink leather satchel

    6. 50% off a pair of heeled combat boots that'll add some edge to your look. Thanks to the side zippers, you won't even have to tie them up when you need to run out the door.

    The boots inside a suitcase next to a pair of sunglasses

    7. 29% off a turtleneck tank top with ribbed detailing and just the right amount of stretch.

    Model wearing a sleeveless tank top sweater

    8. 50% off a wool blend coat that'll go right down to your knees, giving you the coverage you need on colder days. It comes with a matching belt that you can tie a ton of different ways (or leave off if you prefer a boxier silhouette).

    9. 70% off fanny pack that's the perfect low-key accessory for toting around your essentials. The band is adjustable, so you can wear it a ton of different ways and not worry about it sliding off.

    A person wearing the fanny pack crossbody with a long-sleeved shirt and jeans

    10. 40% off pair of sherpa booties that are both stylish and comfortable. They have serrated platform soles so you won't go sliding around, even in snowy or icy conditions.

    A boot with sherpa details on a blank background

    11. 28% off a merino wool sweater with distressed hems that's cooler than the other turtlenecks in your collection. It's also a bit cropped, making it great for pairing with high-waisted jeans and skirts.

    12. 32% off an oversized watch if your wrist could use some bling. It'll look great solo or stacked with bracelets and bangles.

    13. 50% off a pair of riding boots that you'll love even if you've never hopped on a horse. They have chains on the heels that add a lil' extra somethin' to the classic style (who knew footwear could have jewellery, too?).

    14. 50% off a rain poncho that'll keep you dry when April showers come back around. It has a hood and will cover your booty so you can sit down without getting your pants all soaked.

    15. 50% off an peacoat that won't look bulky, even when you're wearing extra layers underneath.

    You after taking advantage of these sweet, sweet savings:

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