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    The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Your Significant Other Will Love This Year

    From romantic to silly to practical, get them something they'll really love.

    1. A deck of cards inspired by The Office that'll be even more fun to play with than a regular pack of cards. Their favourite characters (like Dwight, Jim, Pam Beesly, and Michael) represents a different suit in the deck of cards, including Creed as the Joker.

    A deck of cards with the cast of The Office on them

    2. A lululemon belt bag that'll keep them hands-free while they're out and about, and everything they need will be easy to grab. It's water-repellant and the zippered pockets will keep all of their necessities organized.

    A person wearing the belt bag against a plain background

    3. A pack of gel pens with adorable cat faces on the lids. They have an ultra-fine tip and write like an absolute dream. Plus, the ink dries quickly so it won't smudge or bleed on their paper.

    Five gel pens in a small glass bowl

    4. A set of macaron-shaped containers that'll store their jewelry, headphones, and other tiny trinkets. They're lightweight and small enough to fit in their pocket so they can take them with them anywhere.

    Three containers that look like macarons on a plate with two more on a cloth beside them

    5. A ceramic dinosaur planter that is absolutely ad-ROAR-able! The gold foil accents add a little glamour and the hole is the perfect size for a small plant. There is no drainage tool, but they could also use it to hold small desk items like paper clips, coins, or staples.

    A plant pot in the shape of a small dinosaur with a succulent plant on its back

    6. A mini waffle maker because there's nothing better than having a stack of perfectly tiny golden waffles for breakfast. Its compact size makes it easy to store, especially if they live in a small space.

    7. A reversible yoga mat that'll allow them to stretch out while they practice. The top of the mat absorbs sweat so they won't slip between poses, and the cushioned base will keep them comfortable while they workout.

    A person doing a yoga pose on the yoga mat

    8. A pair of Apple AirPods Pro because let's face it, you're comfortable enough to use noise-cancelling headphones around each other. Now they can listen to their favourite music or podcasts wherever (even while you're sleeping next to them).

    A person wearing the airpods

    9. A packet of shower steamers that'll make their morning routine feel like a trip to the spa. They're intensely scented with essential oils (like eucalyptus and grapefruit, par example) that get activated with — you guessed it! — shower steam.

    a flatlay of the shower steaming tablets on a bathroom counter

    10. A vertical computer mouse that'll keep their hand from cramping in the middle of a campaign. Reviewers say their hand and arm pain is basically banished (oh, and it's wireless, too, so they won't get tangled up cables during gameplay).

    a person using the vertical computer mouse

    11. A pair of repairing hand masks if regular lotion just ain't cutting it anymore. They're unscented and packed with shea butter and prebiotic oat extract that'll stop dry skin in its tracks (just make sure they massage in all that goodness – don't rinse!).

    12. A bottle of Starbucks cold brew coffee concentrate so they can whip up a batch in a flash the next time the afternoon sleepies hit. Reviewers say it tastes delicious mixed with everything from cream to protein powders — at a fraction of the cost of coffee shop versions!

    a bottle of the cold brew concentrate next to a glass filled with cold brew

    13. A fleecy Hanes sweatshirt that reviewers say is the comfiest one they've ever owned. It's easy to see why — it's perfectly oversized, super soft, and looks just as good worn with tights as it does layered over a fancy collared shirt.

    a person wearing the sweatshirt over a collared shirt

    14. A silk pillowcase that'll stop their locks from getting tangled and frizzy while they're snoozing. Reviewers say it only gets softer with every wash — it's the gift that keeps on giving!

    a person looking into the camera while holding two pillows; they're both covered in silk pillowcases

    15. A bottle of sulphite-removing wine drops so they can finally enjoy their fave vino without the pounding headache. They work in seconds (20, to be exact) and reviewers say they help reduce rosacea flare-ups, too.

    a bottle of the drop it wine drops next to two glasses of wine

    16. And an aerating wine pourer that'll do all the work of a full-size decanter. Exposing wine to oxygen not only enhances its flavour, but also disperses sulphites — and this gizmo does it all without batteries or pumps.

    someone pouring wine through the aerating pourer

    17. A Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker that'll help them find their keys, phone, wallet, or anything else they're constantly losing. They'll find their missing item with the help of an app, and you'll never miss another dinner reservation again.

    A tile pro on a keychain with keys on a table

    18. A bath tray that'll hold their tablet, book, and a glass of vino safely above the bubbles while they melt the stress of the day off in the tub. Reviewers rave about how sturdy the tray is, and that it's totally changed their bath routines.

    A person lounging in a bubble bath while watching something on a tablet that is sitting on the bathtub tray

    19. A 2-in-1 pillow that'll help them drift off to dreamland, cradling their neck in the process. It's soft and fluffy on the outside, supportive on the inside, and perfect for all kinds of sleeping positions.

    a smiling person cuddling two pillows

    20. A screaming goat that'll boost their mood when they're having a baaa-d day. When they press on it, the little goat will let out series of high-pitched bleats that are sure to make them giggle and distract them in the best way.

    A plastic goat on a small tree trunk There's a pocket-sized book beside it

    21. A cute bag that'll match their on-the-go lifestyle. There's enough space to carry all of their essentials and it comes with a detachable strap so they can wear it as a crossbody bag or use the handles like a tote bag.

    A person carrying a small bag with a long crossbody strap

    22. A jar of happy capsules that'll show them how much you love them, especially if words of affirmation are their love language. Each lil’ pod has a teeny scroll that you you write sweet messages on, and they can open one every day. Get ready for happy tears.

    23. A Kindle e-reader that'll help them crush their reading list in no time. It's small enough that they can take it just about anywhere, and the adjustable light allows them to read comfortably in any position or lighting.

    An Amazon kindle on a table surrounded by a tablet, a phone, a candle, and a plant

    24. A pair of sunglasses that'll have them looking like an off-duty celebrity in these streets. Plus, the oversized shape and special coating will protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

    A person holding a pair of sunglasses in their hand

    25. A set of connection cards that'll help you get to know each other on a deeper level, no matter how long you've been together. Reviewers say they’re great for starting conversations, whether you take a few minutes over breakfast or make a date night out of it.

    A couple using the cards while sitting on a couch in a trendy apartment

    26. A bottle of ultra-concentrated beard oil so they can treat their facial hair to some TLC. It's got tons of antioxidants that'll help condition the skin underneath, while stopping pesky ingrown hairs and flakiness.

    a bottle of beard oil on a concrete surface; the light is shining through it to create a reflection

    27. A pack of NSFW planning stickers if they're trying to get more organized this year. It's got options for every occasion, including ones for that damn haircut they've been putting off (no, seriously, there's a "damn haircut" sticker).

    several sheets of nsfw planning stickers

    28. And a cryptic puzzle box that'll hold their new jewels until they can crack the code. They’ll get to use their brain to follow the clues to open the box, and the jewellery they’ll get at the end will be a bonus.

    A photoset showing a person's hands holding the closed puzzle box, and the second showing the inner part out with rings stored in the middle

    29. A weighted blanket that'll up their nap game if sleeping is their favourite pastime. Reviewers say it's helped them fall asleep quicker than usual, and they love that it's machine washable.

    A weighted blanket draped over a chair in a trendy room

    30. A set of 3D metallic nail decals if they're looking to ~zhuzh~ up their manis. They're self-adhesive and reviewers say they have impressive lasting power — even without a top coat!

    a close up of a person's manicured nails with the metallic stickers on top

    31. A five-minute journal that'll give them a little pocket of peace each day. If they're into mindfulness or manifestation, the journal will provide them with solid reflection on their journey to getting stuff done.

    The journal standing up against a plain background

    32. A lil' Bluetooth speaker that'll allow them to put down the headphones and listen to their favourite songs or podcasts while they clean or cook. It's even waterproof so it's perfect for days by the pool or that beach vacation you're planning.

    A person's arm and hand holding up the small speaker in front of a plain wall

    33. A candle that you can send to your long distance BFF or partner. It has a sweet little message written on the front that'll let your loved one know you're thinking about them.

    A candle that says I miss your face

    34. A reusable tumbler that'll keep their coffee or hot chocolate warm and toasty. It's made of sturdy ceramic (which means no metallic aftertaste) and is encased in a silicone sleeve that'll protect their fingers from getting scorched.

    a person holding the silicone wrapped tumbler

    35. A Revlon styling brush that'll give them the blowout of their dreams sans the salon prices. It's got two kinds of bristles to grip every last hair (even the baby ones) and will leave their mane totally frizz-free.

    Four large electronic hair brushes lying on a plain background

    36. An electric wine opener so they can uncork their vino in seconds. No more wrestling with stubborn and sticky corks — this baby even ejects them once it's done so your partner's poor hands will get a break.

    an electric wine opener next to a corked bottle and two full glasses

    37. And a pair of modern wine glasses so they can enjoy their fave varietal in style. They can withstand a trip through the dishwasher, too, which means they won't have to scrub each one by hand.

    A person holding a glass with wine in it

    38. A Click and Grow indoor garden that'll turn their kitchen into a personal vegetable plot. This low-maintenance gadget will make ensure they've always got veggies on hand (even when going to the grocery store is too much).

    39. A classic crewneck cashmere sweater because winter is chilly, but your partner doesn't have to be. It's thin enough to wear under coats but it'll still keep them warm when the temperature REALLY plummets.

    a person wearing the classic crewneck sweater

    40. A high-pressure shower head that'll filter and soften their water. It'll produce an ultra-fine spray that'll help them get clean as a whistle while saving them big bucks on water costs, too.

    a person using the filtering shower head to wash their hair

    41. A temperature-controlled smart mug that'll keep their fave hot drink toasty 'til the last sip. If they pair it with the companion app, they'll even be able to adjust the temperature when they're out of the room (or out for a quick errand).

    someone cradling the smart mug in their hands

    42. A cute bag that'll match their on-the-go lifestyle. There's enough space to carry all of their essentials and it comes with a detachable strap so they can wear it as a crossbody bag or use the handles like a tote bag.

    A person carrying a small bag with a long crossbody strap

    43. A wooden charcuterie board that'll make their next spread look even better. It's made of acacia wood and has a little handle that'll make it easier to carry.

    A round wooden tray with cheese, crackers, and strawberries on it

    44. A blanket sweatshirt that's basically the love child of a blanket and a hoodie. It combines the best of both worlds: the perfect fit of an oversized sweater and the comforting weight of a fluffy blanket.

    A person wearing an oversized hoodie

    45. A diffuser that'll release a relaxing blend of essential oils into their space. It'll last up to eight hours on a full tank of water and it has an LED light that'll add a candle-like glow to their room.

    A cordless electronic diffuser next to two bottles of essential oils

    46. A set of minimalist huggie hoops so they can create a perfectly curated ear. They probably have (or really, really want) multiple ear piercings, and these gold hoops are a great way to try out the stacked earrings trend.

    Three pairs of different sized hoop earrings

    When they open your gift:

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