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    PrettyLitter Knew My Cat Was Sick Before My Vet Did

    🚨And right now, you can get 25% off your first month!🚨

    Hey, there! My name is Kat, and would you believe it, but I also have a cat? His name is Moe, and he's a delight.

    Having a cat is an experience full of many joys, but one of the parts that isn't so fun is dealing with their kitty litter. It's messy, it's dusty, it doesn't always cover up the smell, and it's a whole ordeal lugging the heavy container home from the store.

    BUT! I have found a solution. For the last several years, I've been using PrettyLitter in Moe's litter box, and it's made my life (and Moe's life!) much better and a whole lot easier in many ways.

    A cat next to a litter box filled with Pretty LItter

    First off, my PrettyLitter subscription is shipped right to my house once a month, so I don't have to carry several pounds of litter home from the store, AND I never have to worry about forgetting to pick some up when my cat's box is getting stinky.

    The bag of Pretty Litter and the small box it ships in

    Second, instead of clay or pellets, PrettyLitter is made out of super absorbent, odour-masking silica gel crystals that actually, FOR REAL, ensure Moe's litter box doesn't stink. You don't have to even scoop out clumps out of the litter — you just stir the litter around once a day, and the crystals will absorb any moisture or stink.

    Plus, PrettyLitter goes through a whole de-dusting process, so you won't have to deal with a cloud of litter dust going POOF! up into your house. Bless 🙏

    BUT! Even more importantly, PrettyLitter can actually help monitor your cat's health. The crystals can react to certain elements in your cat's urine (like levels of acidity or alkalinity, or even blood) and change colour, alerting you that something might be going on with your lil' buddy.

    Anyone who owns a cat knows that they are very good at hiding when they're sick, so knowing that PrettyLitter can help detect problems early is a huge comfort. It actually helped save me from a potentially huge vet bill for Moe!

    Moe the cat at the vet

    I've had a PrettyLitter subscription for several years now, and I am never going back. If you care about your cat and their health as much as I care about Moe, why don't you head over to PrettyLitter and get a subscription now? 🚨And don't forget to get 25% off your first month with the promo code BUZZ25.🚨

    Moe the cat taking a nap