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    This Is Not A Drill: These Period-Friendly Swimsuits Are Actually Leakproof

    They can absorb the same amount as two tampons(!).

    You might have heard of Modibodi, who pioneered "period underwear" that act as a substitute for disposable pads and tampons.

    A model wearing a pair of ModiBodi period underwear

    Well, it's not just underwear: They've got a new swimwear line, too. So you can swim laps, take a deep dive in the ocean, or even just lounge in the pool while on your period — and all without needing to wear any extra sanitary products.

    The Modibodi recycled bikini bottoms are lined with a super absorbent material that's resistant to stains and odours.

    They're perfect for anyone with a moderate to heavy flow, and they can absorb the same amount of liquid as TWO TAMPONS, while you're just hanging out in the hot tub. Pretty impressive, IMHO. Modibodi even has high-waisted bikini bottoms if you prefer a little more coverage in your swimwear.

    PLUS, they've also got reversible bikini tops, so you basically get two bikini tops in one.

    As if all that weren't enough, Modibodi swimwear is UPF50+ rated and is made from 78% recycled materials, so they're good for your period AND the planet.

    A model swimming in the ocean while wearing the period friendly bikini

    So if all that sounds good to you, why not head over to Modibodi and get yourself some stylish, period-friendly swimwear right now?

    Two models in the period friendly bikinis playing in the ocean with a child