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    25 Useful Products You'll Wonder Why You Don't Own Already

    *Extremely Rihanna voice* ♫ Where have you been all my li-i-i-ife... ♫

    1. A colour-coded knife set to help amateur and expert chefs alike avoid cross-contamination and always reach for the right blade.

    2. Incredible microfibre makeup remover cloths that can remove a whole face of makeup with — get this — JUST WATER.

    3. The Drop Stop, a simple-yet-brilliant car seat gap filler to prevent you from ever losing anything in the depths of your vehicle again. It's sure to make you wonder, why aren't all cars just made like this?!?!

    4. Activated charcoal shoe deodorizing bags ready to give stench and extra moisture the boot. And, since you can reuse them for up to two years, $13 now means no stinky shoes 'til 2021.

    5. A clean/dirty dishwasher magnet that's so simple yet game-changing. It might even save you from spending your life in prison after straight up murdering your roommate for throwing their icky cereal bowl in with the dishes you JUST. FREAKING. WASHED.

    6. A professional as heck work bag complete with a laptop pocket to end the struggle of having to lug a purse and a computer bag separately once and for all.

    7. Squee-worthy socks with your dog's face on them, because your pooch is probably pretty hurt that you've waited all this time to honour them in footwear form.

    8. Unbelievably affordable ergonomic fit in-ear headphones that over 2,600 (!!!!!) people swear by.

    9. A practically perfect lace dress you can dress up or down and stay comfy in all day (or night) long. Finally, a party dress you won't be desperate to take off the second you get home!

    10. Game-changing traceless hair ties that'll banish the dreaded post-ponytail crease and make regular elastics hang their heads in shame.

    11. A clever microwave popcorn popper that requires zero oil, for a snack that's less greasy and chemical-y than microwave popcorn from bags...but just as tasty.

    12. Genius double shower hooks to make hanging or removing your curtain or liner a breeze. Because let's be honest, normally changing a shower curtain liner is the biggest nightmare that can happen in a shower other than, like, a Norman Bates situation.

    13. A handy dish squeegee so clever and cheap, you're honestly gonna be mad at yourself for all of the times you actually touched icky, wet food that was left on your plate (or wasted paper towels on countertop spills).

    14. A visual timer with red space that disappears as the hour passes that both parents and people who need help with time management swear by.

    15. A set of water-resistant, space-saving packing cubes that over 600 Canadian reviewers swear by for maximizing their suitcase space. You have to leave room for all the souvenirs you'll inevitably buy!!!!

    16. Trader Joe's scrumptious everything bagel seasoning, a game-changing spice blend for more than just bagels. It'll add major flavor to — you guessed it — everything. We might not have Trader Joe's in Canada, but we can have this.

    17. A non-stick three tier cooling rack every chef or baker (or anyone who has ever been impatient for their food to be cool enough to eat) needs.

    18. And the single most OMG-worthy pet bed I've ever seen, which you, your pet, and your Instagram followers are all sure to go bananas for.

    19. Slightly tinted computer eyeglasses to filter out the blue light that makes your eyes feel so dang tired after staring at a laptop screen or your phone. Guess what? You don't have to leave work with a migraine every day.

    20. A natural stain remover that is — *takes a deep breath* — gluten-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Oh, and so effective it's pretty much miraculous.

    21. A hella compact portable charger that over 500 (!!!) reviewers never want to leave home without — and you shouldn't either.

    22. The Panda Planner, which people swear by for helping them keep a positive attitude — it helps you track goals and gratitude in all areas of your life, not just your to-do list. No diary since Tom Riddle's has had this much soul.

    23. Jumbo sticky tabs with space to write notes that honestly make me a little mad every time I see them — HOW did I not know about these in college???

    24. A super efficient salad-making gadget that's basically a bowl, strainer, and cutting board all in one. Goodbye, washing a million dishes.

    25. And lastly, handy hair tool holder, which I think everyone who ever uses hot styling tools should be legally required to own.

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