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    These $4 Sticky Note Dividers Are A Super-Easy Way To Bring Order To Your Life

    It's time to start getting all your thoughts, appointments, and to-dos in order.

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    Let’s be real: Keeping your life organized can be a bit of struggle from week to week. (And sometimes more than a bit.)

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    Between endless appointments, grocery lists, to-dos, and random ideas you don’t want to forget, it's often beyond stressful trying to stay on top of what needs to get done.

    But with a little assistance from the Redi-Tag Sticky Note Dividers — the recipient of nearly 1,500 five-star reviews! — a ton of happy customers have been able to to bring some serious order back into their lives.

    These 4x6-inch ruled notes have tabs, which makes them so easy to use for indexing, and they come housed in a clear booklet to protect them from damage.

    Do you need to designate sections in your bullet journal or college course book? Then look no further than these neon beauties.

    “I use these dividers in my bullet journal in lieu of a key or index. They work perfectly. I actually laminated them and attached them with decorative washi tape because I literally use it every day and didn't want the paper to wear out. I'm sure they would work without doing this, but I'm a little lamination obsessed!” —PDiddy

    And one reviewer thoughtfully used these to take notes in their rented textbooks — without having to mark up the actual pages. Money and book pages saved = win.

    “I hate textbooks and their existence. I'm absolutely terrible at reading textbooks without not forgetting what I just read. These dividers are great because I can just write down the big ideas that I just read, so I won't have to re-read the book again. And this actually helps glue that garbage in my head. They are also great if you are renting your textbooks and can't write inside them, like me, because who wants to actually BUY textbooks?” —College Kid Cheap

    From writing down study questions to marking favorite recipes in your go-to cookbook, there are literally endless ways that these simple sticky notes can improve your productivity!

    “I love reading, especially cookbooks, which are often handier in book format as opposed to Kindle. I tend to make all kinds of notations in these often costly books. These sticky sheets are perfect! There is plenty of room to make all kinds of notes. And crossing off or erasing ideas that didn't work out does not damage the looks of my cookbooks. The tabs are useful to notate the recipe name for quick access. And I've also put a star on recipe tabs for which I need to check my pantry. I love being able to lift and replace them a bit higher or lower so the tabs look orderly, no matter what order I originally place them in the book. I'm sure I'll find many more uses for this product. They are so simple. I wish I thought of these!” —Barb

    Basically? No matter what your organization needs are, these sticky notes will hold you down and help you get your life in order.

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    Get a pack from Amazon for $3.71.

    The pack includes 60 notes in six different colors.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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