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    21 Great Gifts That Our Readers Swear Are 100% Worth It

    Gifts they'll love that will actually improve their lives.

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best products they've bought (plus saved up their recs from the comments on other posts) — here are some they swear by that would make great gifts for really anyone in your life!

    1. A tie-back, wing-sleeved, loose and flowy maxi dress that they'll be finding excuses to wear twice in a week, because it's the ideal mix of cute and comfortable.

    Amazon / Via

    "THIS DRESS! I'm obsessed with it — so flattering...such comfort. Wow." —ashleya48d31460c

    Some Amazon reviewers mention that it shrank a little the first time they washed it, but many of them still really love it!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $36.57+ (available in eight colours/patterns, and sizes XS-XXL).

    2. An eyeliner with wing stamps — the set is practically guaranteed to speed up their morning routine, whether they're a liquid liner novice or a seasoned pro.

    Amazon / Via

    "I had heard about them but after seeing the BuzzFeed article and actually looking into the product, I LOVE THEM!!!! A total game changer for my makeup routine!" —yourradimrad

    They'll get two liners: each has a wing stamp (one for the left, one for the right) on one end, and a pen liner on the other.

    Get them on Amazon Canada for $17.97 (available in three sizes).

    3. A bottle of Trader Joe's Everything Bagel Seasoning because it'll instantly add a salty, garlicky, onion-y crunch of flavor to everything they anoint with it, from avocado to popcorn to roast veggies and SO much more. We may not have Trader Joe's in Canada, but we do have this.

    Amazon / Via

    "It's the bomb and very much worth purchasing." —emilyp48690a503, from the comments on this roundup of products you need in your life.

    And check out our full review of Everything But The Bagel seasoning here.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $13.38.

    4. A lightweight, travel-friendly collapsible backpack that folds up itty-bitty so they can stash it in their purse (or the corner of their carry-on, or their tiny closet) then unfurl it to full size the moment they need to stuff it with books, groceries, camping gear, diaper bag needs, or tbh whatever.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    "New Outlander bags are awesome, and they very durable. I've been using mine for two years, and it shows very few signs of wear. I like to hike down to the lake and read, and I can take two water bottles, a small lunchbox, sunscreen, bug spray, first-aid supplies, a book, a cooling towel, and my phone." —grovemenglish, from this roundup of things we tried

    "I got the large size to use as a diaper bag and it holds a crapload of stuff. The material is thin, but construction feels sturdy. I can fit in his portable changing kit (mat, three to five diapers, wipes and diaper sacks), hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, travel pack of Clorox wipes, tissues, pen, mirror, charger, headphones, power bank and two jackets. I've also used it as a weekend bag and managed to fit in three outfits, a set of PJs, huge toiletry bag, sports towel and a small ziplock bag of make up. I've had it for a while now and the only signs of wear are on the two side mesh pockets". —reikoko, from the same roundup

    Get one from Amazon Canada for $22.99+ (available in 11 colours and three sizes).

    5. An alarm clock that'll wake them up with a chill, gradual sunrise — the way all of our bodies ~evolved~ to wake up — so they won't even feel like hitting the snooze button and have plenty of time in the morning.

    Amazon / Via

    "I have the alarm clock that simulates the sun rising and holy crap, it’s a lifesaver! I sleep in a basement so there’s zero light coming in and it helps me wake up so much easier. I highly suggest it." —darlingvioletta, from the comments in this time-saving gadgets post.

    Get one with 4.5/5 stars on Amazon Canada (and a sunset feature to help you fall asleep, as well as the gradual wake-up sunrise) for $154.32. Or get one with 4/5 stars (but only the sunrise feature, no sunset) for $67.76.

    6. A Bed Head Waver because it'll makes it easy for them to achieve super loose waves for the wedding they're attending this weekend, tighter nearly-curls for their big presentation next week, and that Goldilocks-level ~just right~ in-between texture for all those selfies they'll take at the family reunion next month.

    Amazon / Via

    "That Bed Head waver is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The waves last for days. I get a shit ton of compliments and I’ve gotten a bunch of people to buy it." —ashleyh43f9bb46d, from this roundup of before and after photos

    It lets them achieve four different levels of waves! The cord swivels so it won't get all twisted as they make their way through their mane, and they can choose from several heat levels. Even better: It automatically shuts off so they don't have to post a giant sticky note on their back door reminding them to turn it off before they leave.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $78.99.

    7. The Headache Hat — it's basically a collection of ice cubes surrounded by soft, cushioned material so anytime they feel a headache or migraine coming on, they can pull it out of the freezer, wrap it around their head and eyes, and relax under its gentle compressing weight.

    Amazon / Via

    "The headache hat is amazing! I have two so one can be ready for me at all times. I can’t recommend it enough for people that have headache/migraine issues." —carolynr46e3df666, from this roundup of versatile products

    Of course, they can also use it as a neck wrap or leg wrap; it doesn't have to only sit on their head! And it comes with a protective freezer bag so you know it won't get contaminated by any stray frozen veggies.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $58.15.

    8. Some O'Keeffe's working hands cream because it genuinely does what it says it will: moisturize and repair dried, cracked hands that they've washed in hot water one two many times, so they finally stop flaking and peeling. A perfect stocking-stuffer!

    Amazon / Via

    "O'Keeffe's Working Hands is the only thing that's ever worked on my dry hands. I work in food service so I'm constantly washing my hands, and they get raw and red, especially in the winter. My husband bought me a jar of the stuff a couple years ago and now it's the only thing I'll use. When you first put it on it burns like a bitch, but that's normal (it says so on the packaging). After about five minutes though, your hands feel a million times better, and within about a day the redness and cracks are gone." —a4e75e5402, from skincare products that'll give you dramatic before & after photos

    Get a two-pack on Amazon Canada for $19.25.

    9. And for some more moisture-filled stocking stuffers, O'Keeffe's lip balm, which will do equally intensive repair work for their pout without any scent or greasiness.

    @okeeffescompany /

    "All O’Keeffe's products are fantastic. I’m on Accutane and my skin is so dry, especially my lips, but their lip balm works wonders, it’s the only thing I’ve used that keeps them from cracking and bleeding." —findmeinneverland, from this roundup of best-selling products everybody else has already bought

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $10.38 (also available in packs of two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, ten, and 11).

    10. A silicone scalp massager and shampoo brush because it'll gently deep clean and exfoliate their skin (and can seriously help with eczema flakes) in addition to just feeling really damn good.

    Amazon / Via

    "I have the scalp brush and it is legit. I have several patches of eczema on my scalp that can get seriously flaky and gross. I use this every time I shampoo (every other day/every two days) and it keeps the flakes at bay without making my scalp feel raw or sore." —liviet24, from this roundup of products you'll use every single day

    One reviewer also mentions that it's awesome for removing excess hair dye from their scalp with very little effort.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $3.44+ (also available in green).

    11. A pair of Keepons to slide on the ends of their glasses so they finally stop that annoying habit of slipping down their nose multiple times every hour.

    Amazon / Via

    Instead, they'll actually stay put and in-place — fairly discreetly, too.

    "THANK YOU BuzzFeed, Keepons are amazing." —gloriag2, from this roundup of products you'll use every single day

    Get two pairs on Amazon Canada for $4.99.

    12. A pair of little plastic apples that absorb ethylene gas, which initially causes produce to ripen, but eventually causes it to spoil. Meaning that if they drop one of these in their produce drawer, all the produce there will last sooo much longer. (Or at least long enough so they get to eat it all!)


    "BluApple works! One of the things I saw 2000 times in BuzzFeed articles and ended up buying." —Mischieffy, from this roundup of money saving kitchen products

    Get a pack of two starter Bluapples on Amazon Canada for $32.88 and a one-year refill pack for $33.88.

    13. 5 Second Rule, a hilarious party game for two people or two teams (of basically any size), where each person has five seconds to "name three ___", depending on the card they pull. Pretty much anyone's going to end up laughing if they watch, and they'll definitely cackle when they play!

    Amazon / Via,

    This version even comes with English and French cards, so you can play wherever in Canada you are!

    "Best game ever! It really is hilarious! We've had it for a few years and it's always a hit when we have guests." —jessa23, from this writeup on the game (which has more details about how it's played, if you're curious!)

    And yes, Ellen's played this game on her show multiple times because it's just that funny. We play it here on occasion at BuzzFeed, too, because your teams can vary in size, it's easy for people to leave when they need to, and everyone ends up laughing!

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.93.

    14. A mini white noise machine with non-looping audio so they can finally get the solid night's sleep they deserve, construction and neighbour noises be damned.

    Amazon / Via

    "I could not live with out this thing! I’ve had it for a year and a half and it’s usually always on. Still going strong! Totally worth the price tag." —lizm4b029d688

    "It works great. I take it on trips with me." —crankylibrarian, from things you need if you live with loud people

    It has ten fan sound options and ten ambient noise options, and is small enough that they can easily pack it for travel.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $39.99.

    15. The One Line a Day Journal: Each page asks them to record a little about that calendar date over the course of five years, so as you flip through each year again, they get to reflect on what's changed — or hasn't!

    Amazon / Via

    "I have terrible memory so with this I don’t feel like I’m forgetting my entire life. And I never feel like writing a ton at the end of the day so this journal is cool." —tabathaannm2, from things you should probably already own

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $21.86.

    Want to learn more? Read our One Line A Day review.

    16. A non-traditional cutlery organizer because it takes up half the space of other organizers (but still fits the same amount of silverware!), so they can use the rest of the drawer to store so much more.

    Amazon / Via

    "I have and LOVE this silverware organizer. Saves so much drawer space!" —aloysiusc, from things you should probably already own

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $11.47.

    17. The Aerogarden, which uses ~hydroponic technology~ to make growing all kinds of herbs and veggies pretty much foolproof, no patches of dirt, green thumb, or sunlight required.

    Amazon / Via

    "The Aerogarden really works. My husband hand I have grown a ridiculous amount of plants considering we don’t have a garden. We have coriander, oregano, basil, Thai basil, tomatoes, peppers, and more. We grow them there up to a point and then change them to a vase. He says herbs have never tasted to good and I agree." —sarapm, from products you've been dreaming of

    All they need to do is add water and plant food (and it even tells them when it needs more), pop in the pods, and watch them grow! The light at the top automatically turns itself on and off, so they don't even need any natural light from a window or anything. It comes with six starter pods: Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, mint, thyme, and Thai basil. If they don't love herbs, you can also get pods that grow flowers, lettuces, tomatoes, and lots of other things.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $149.99+ (available in several different finishes).

    18. A weighted blanket — every time they wrap up in it, they'll feel gently cuddled, which can help them deeply relax despite the stress of everyday life.

    Amazon / Via

    "I absolutely love it! I fall asleep more quickly and I have not woken up in the middle of the night nearly as often. I also don't toss and turn as much. Three things: 1. It can get a tad hot, especially in warmer months. 2. If you're claustrophobic, the weight of the blanket could trigger you. 3. Get a duvet cover for it! The blanket isn't machine washable, so you definitely want some kind of cover to keep it clean." —rachy95, from the comments in this roundup of products that will help you sleep.

    It comes in multiple sizes and weights so you can choose one that's juuuust right (you should get one that's approximately 10% of their body weight). Get it on Amazon Canada for $102.50+.

    19. A set of two seat gap fillers for when they're tired of accidentally dropping their phone down in the crack of no return for the two-thousandth-time in the past year.

    Amazon / Via

    "That Drop Stop insert that keeps things from falling between your seats. It's stealth enough to look like factory equipment and 100% effective at preventing phones, change, and anything else from slipping out of my pockets and in between the seats." —axj66

    The neoprene gap fillers fit over each seat belt, so when they scoot your seat forward or back they simply follow along. Installation takes all of 15 seconds, and they can easily wipe or rinse them clean if they get dirty.

    Get the pack of two on Amazon Canada for $44.75.

    20. Some Onyx Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream that will help restore damaged nails and prevent future cracks, splits, or peeling.

    Amazon / Via

    "I read about it on BuzzFeed, bought it immediately from Amazon, and my nails have NEVER looked better in my entire life. It actually works! I even got my mom into it, and her nails are looking amazing too!" —elibe07

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.35.

    21. An Instant Pot so you can pull off that modern-day miracle: putting a healthy meal on the table every night that takes less than an hour to go from prepping veggies to eating the first bite.

    Amazon / Via

    "Anyone who reads this, get an Instant Pot!!! I got the three-quart and it’s worth the size, it’s more than enough for small three-person family like mine. Trust me, it’s life saver. A few nights ago we decided on dinner at five-something. After buying everything we were home by six and by seven dinner was done. Honestly I don’t know how I lived without it." —christinam4ee470e81, from the comments in this roundup of gadgets that'll save you time.

    The three-quart is perfect for one to two two people, while the six-quart's better for families or dinner parties. Get either (or both!) on Amazon Canada: the three-quart for $68 and the six-quart for $77.88.

    And if you want to learn more, read our Instant Pot review, or check out the chicken tacos recipe on The Little Spice Jar.

    You, receiving even just one or two of these products in the mail and realizing just how great they really are:


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