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25 Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2018

Looking for something different to listen to? Try these, including Casefile, Dead Pilots Society, The Read and more.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community and BuzzFeed staff to tell us about podcasts they have been getting into and really want to tell other people about in 2018. We received so many great responses. Here are just a few of the suggestions:


1. Sword and Scale

What it's about: Host Mike Boudet delves into the true crime world with some of the darkest and most disturbing cases involving missing people, unsolved murders, serial killers, and more. "It isn't for the faint of heart, but man oh man, is it interesting," says our colleague Christopher. (geekity13 and Christopher Pena, BuzzFeed staff)

2. Casefile

What it's about: A true crime podcast that itself is a bit of a mystery, as the identify of the Australian host is still unknown. "The host's fan base call him Casey McCasefile and no one knows who he is," explains a reader. Whoever he is, he weaves enthralling narratives of real-life crimes." (karinac4848de554)

3. The Vanished

What it's about: In each episode, host Marissa Jones focuses on a real-life person who has gone missing, and often includes interviews with their friends and loved ones. "The cases aren’t necessarily the most high-profile ones, so this podcast is really getting the word out about people who are still waiting to be found," says our colleague Andrea. "It’s always a super interesting listen and one of the best true crime podcasts out there." (Andrea Hickey, BuzzFeed staff)

4. Dirty John

What it's about: If you somehow missed the Dirty John saga when it was released over the course of a week in 2017, now's your chance to binge. As one of our colleages describes it: "After Debra Newell meets an alleged doctor named John Meehan on a dating site, she falls for what she thinks is a good man. But her family gets suspicious and questions if he is who he claims to be. Christopher Goffard, a journalist for the LA Times, investigates the life of Meehan, a con artist who nearly tore the Newell family apart. The story is a wild ride from start to finish and an absolute must-listen for fans of true crime." (Hollybruneau)

5. And That's Why We Drink

What it's about: True crime and the paranormal don't have to be mutually exclusive, as hosts Christine and Em prove in their combination podcast. There are discussions of real-life criminality, spooky tales of the paranormal — and, oh yeah, there are wine and milkshakes, too. "Em and Christine are flipping hilarious," says a reader. "They have such good banter!" (colleenc4fc577fc5)


6. The Bright Sessions

What it's about: Presented as recordings of therapy sessions, The Bright Sessions follows a therapist whose clients have superpowers that they're trying to learn to control — but the therapist is hiding a few secrets herself. BuzzFeed staffer Sally recommends the podcast and praises its inclusion of queer and POC characters in the storyline. "And it's pretty fun!" she adds. (emilyk49aa7b92b and Sally Tamarkin, BuzzFeed staff)

7. Limetown

What it's about: The first season of Limetown consisted of six episodes that were released back in 2015. The series follows a public radio reporter investigating a town of 300 people who all disappeared overnight. After a long hiatus, the podcast is releasing their second season in 2018, so now's the time to listen for the first time or refresh your memory. "The story had me on the edge of seat every time," says a reader. (—Jessie Hawkins, Facebook)

8. Alice Isn't Dead

What it's about: We'll let our colleague Rebecca handle this: "This creepy story comes from the team behind the cult-favorite Welcome to Night Vale. It tells the story of a trucker on the search for her wife, whom she had previously thought was dead. Told entirely through audio diaries, the main character (voiced by Jasika Nicole) paints a vivid and sometimes haunting picture of her journey. The trip brings the main character through some dicey and surreal experiences, like driving through a town stuck in an endless loop, breaking into a police station, and being stalked by a not-so-human serial killer called Thistle. Even though the story is told entirely by one person, it's still suspenseful and at times, genuinely scary." (elisram and Rebecca O'Connell, BuzzFeed staff)

9. Dead Pilots Society

What it's about: Every year, television networks commission dozens and dozens of TV pilots — only a fraction of those get to film pilots, and an even smaller fraction of those get turned into TV shows. But what about the ones that never got past the script phase at all? Dead Pilots Society takes those script pilots and stages live readings in front of eager audiences, while also interviewing the writers who saw their plans for a TV show fall through. "One of my favorite episodes is the reading of John Hodgman's script Only Child, in which he (a middle-aged man) plays himself at age 14," a reader recommends. (—Martin Fox, Facebook )

10. Rabbits

What it's about: Brought to you by the same people as The Black Tapes, Rabbits follows a reporter investigation the disappearance of a close friend of hers. Soon it's revealed that the friend was involved in an elaborate online game that may have had dangerous real-life consequences. It's moody, unsettling, and addictive. (rei_c)


11. Blank Check

What it's about: Hosts David and Griffin look at the famous film directors who enjoyed some early success in their careers — so much so that the directors got a "blank check" (get it?) to make whatever movie they wanted, even if that movie was absolutely terrible. "My wife and I both listened to the entire back catalog in just a few months," says BuzzFeed employee Tanner. (Tanner Greenring, BuzzFeed Staff)

12. Teen Creeps

What it's about: In each episode, hosts Kelly and Lindsay read and discuss a YA pulp fiction novel — think R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, and Caroline B. Cooney, among many others. It's impossible not to join in their laughter over the outlandish plots, hideous outfit descriptions, and labored dialogue. "I love their frequent digressions about mental health, family conflicts, and other personal issues — it feels like I'm listening to two of my really close friends," says a reader. (—Diana Wall, Facebook)

13. The Potterotica Podcast

What it's about: Of course there is a ton of Harry Potter erotica on the internet, and of course the hosts of Potterotica need to talk about it. "With their charming hilarity and obsession with all things sexy and Harry Potter, the hosts really capture the audience and draw them into the world of HP erotic fan fiction," a reader says. "This podcast is sexy, fun, and an absolute MUST for anyone who loves Harry Potter!" (—Hillary Kay Ballantine, Facebook)

14. Extra Hot Great

What it's about: A perfect podcast for television addicts who like a little variety — and these guys watch everything, from The Crown to 90 Day Fiancé to Big Little Lies, and much much more. Hosts Tara, Sarah, and Dave (probably best known for creating Television Without Pity in the '90s) have perfectly crafted segments that keep the discussion moving from topic to topic without feeling disjointed. Each episode ends with a different television-themed trivia game that test their (and our) TV knowledge — you'll be yelling the right answer while you're listening to the podcast in public. (Kat Angus, BuzzFeed Staff)

15. We Hate Movies

What it's about: There are plenty of "bad movie" podcasts out there, but WHM is one you should definitely check out, says a reader. "The four hosts have such great chemistry, and their passion for movies that are absolutely terrible is fun to listen to," they explain. With episodes that run the gamut from Dr. Giggles to Justice League, this podcast has a bad movie for everybody. (—Aaron Glenn, Facebook)


16. Nancy

What it's about: Hosts Kathy and Tobin have honest, raw discussions and highlight important stories about the LGBTQ experience. "The podcast is hosted by two queer Asian Americans, and it's the first time I saw myself in the media," says a reader. (cbfv64zs)

17. Conversations With People Who Hate Me

What it's about: Host Dylan Marron writes and talks a lot about social justice, which means he receives plenty of hate online. Instead of ignoring or retreating from that negative attention, each week he actually calls one of his haters and asks them why they came at him. It's often uncomfortable, but even more often it's a fascinating look into how people behave when they think nobody's watching. (coswoj)

18. Heavyweight

What it's about: Longtime This American Life producer Jonathan Goldstein sets out to help people resolve some big regret they have. In one episode, he tries to help his dad and uncle reconcile after several years of estrangement; in another, he helps out a friend who has a long-held grudge against Moby. The second season concluded in December, and the anticipation for season 3 is palpable. (melissac4ad6a1d88)

19. Dear Sugars

What it's about: Hosts Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond both separately wrote the advice column Dear Sugar, and then came together for one of the smartest, most compassionate advice columns out there. They're not afraid to deal with the shades of grey in life, and have even attracted such impressive guests as Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Clinton. (Ciera Velarde, BuzzFeed staff)

20. Ear Hustle

What it's about: Ear Hustle does the impressive job of sharing what life in prison is actually like — by talking to and delving into the lives of people who are actually incarcerated right now. "It's a really unique perspective and at a time when the prison system is in need of so much help and reform," says our colleague Jennifer. "It makes the unknown a bit more tangible." The second season of Ear Hustle is due in March 2018. (meganr45bd6b748 and Jennifer Tonti, BuzzFeed staff)


21. The Read

What it's about: As our coworker Patrice says: "The Read was a beacon of light in this trash year that was 2017. Crissle and Kid Fury have been killing the podcast game since before it became mainstream and they've been doing in the most unapologetically Black way possible. From the Black excellence shoutouts to Crissle's infectious laugh, every single damn thing is perfection and will make every Black person (and honestly anybody with good sense) feel seen, validated, and appreciated." (Patrice Peck, BuzzFeed staff)

22. The Dollop

What it's about: Each week, host Dave tells a little-known, quite strange, and often hilarious tale of American History, while his cohost Gareth (who has no idea what the topic is beforehand) reacts with shock, incredulity, and often infectious laughter. Highlights include the episode about ten-cent beer night held at Cleveland Stadium in the '70s and a two-parter episode about Donald Trump. "I’ve learned so much and laughed my butt off on my commute," says one of their listeners. (—Amanda Allgood, Facebook)

23. Bodega Boys

What it's about: Each week, hosts Desus and Mero take on sex, sneakers, the Bronx and President "Trumpito" in this truly hilarious podcast. "It's funny; I love them," says BuzzFeed staffer Julie. Adds one of our readers: "It's very New York City-centric, but they paint good pictures with words and never shy away from 'problematic' topics because you gotta hear both sides." (triannam3 and Julie Gerstein, BuzzFeed Staff)

24. Throwing Shade

What it's about: There aren't enough political comedy podcasts out there, but Throwing Shade is at or near the top of the pack. Hosts Erin and Bryan tackle LGBTQ issues, women's rights, plus plenty of swears and pop culture references thrown in to make it hilarious. "My friend got me into this after we went to see a live recording," colleague Jennifer tells us. "As a gay woman, it's nice to hear about the latest in LGBT news but also be entertained and not have it be depressing like the rest of news media can be." (—Liza Nagelkirk, Facebook, and Jennifer Tonti, BuzzFeed staff)

25. My Brother, My Brother, and Me

What it's about: The McElroy brothers are dominating the podcast world with their many, many successful podcasts (including Sawbones, The Adventure Zone, Schmanners and more), but no comedy list would be complete without the one that started it all. MBMAM features Justin, Travis, and Griffin offering their own unique, hilarious, and sometimes even helpful advice. It's not to be taken too seriously (one question they tackle is "Can anyone tell me how to get young Joseph Stalin hair without showing the barber a picture of young Joseph Stalin?"), but it's near-impossible not to love this trio. "I can’t live without My Brother, My Brother, and Me," says a reader. "They have made such a positive impact in my life." (sarahc113)

Disagree with any of the picks or have any suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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