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21 Reasons Why 2015 Was The Worst Year Canada Has Ever Seen

Get bent, 2015.

1. Winter refused to fuck right off.

This year saw the chilliest February in Canada in 115 years, with temperatures between 5 and 9 degrees colder than usual. Don't forget about those brutal storms, either. Spring took its sweet fucking time showing up, with some parts of Canada still experiencing snow in April.

2. And then Ontario and Quebec got a snowstorm in October.

Via Twitter: @Buschbeckfarm

Why hast thou forsaken us, weather gods?

3. For everyone else who does not live in Vancouver, the city has gone more than a year without snow.

Alex Costin / Flickr / Via

You're not better than us, Vancouver. (Damn you.)

4. Degrassi was cancelled.

Bell Media

Sure, Netflix announced soon after that they'd picked up the Canadian teen drama, but it was a good five days of panic for everyone in the Great White North.

5. Canada Post's community mailboxes failed super hard.

Via Twitter: @steveaustin1971

Undelivered packages, stolen mail, mailboxes frozen shut — and that's just the beginning. (On the bright side, Canada Post has suspended installations of community mailboxes.)

6. We endured the longest goddamned federal election in Canadian history.

Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

78 DAYS! It lasted 78 long-ass days. Good lord.

7. Stephen Harper made this face:

City / Via

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Harper.

8. Then Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister and he immediately ruined everything.

ThinkStock // @cailsMcD/Twitter / Via Twitter: @cailsMcD

Is there anything he won't destroy?

9. Target broke up with Canada.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

After a whirlwind two-year relationship, Target dumped Canada in January, announcing it was shutting down all 133 of its stores and putting more than 17,000 people out of work. By April, the relationship was completely over, and the only signs of our doomed love are in the form of Target Canada's depressing abandoned stores.

10. McDonald's introduced all-day breakfast — BUT NOT IN CANADA.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


11. We faced a "F@&k Her Right In The P#$!y" epidemic.

CityNews / Via

At least eight Canadian men just couldn't help themselves from harassing female reporters by yelling "fuck her right into the pussy" at them. One man lost his job over it, but he was recently reinstated.

12. CBC spoiled the Game of Thrones season finale and people were pissed.


You know nothing, CBC.


Uh, ew: Ontario woman finds snake in can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce


14. The inevitable monkey-human war began in the form of sexually violated parka.

15. Canada Day "sales" made us weep.

Oh wow. Look at those savings. To all my US friends. This is not a joke. Actual sale.

We just want to get drunk in support of our country, is that so wrong?

16. A Canadian company posted the most sexist job listing ever.


The company refused to say much other than “So basically we have no comment as to that, thank you.”

17. A drunk guy flooded the Rogers Centre by destroying a urinal.

Peter Keppie

Way to ruin baseball for everyone, guy.

18. Canadian Tourism slogans basically gave up.

Facebook: theproperpun

You couldn't do any better than that?

19. Our super adorable hitchhiking robot was MURDERED in Philadelphia.

@ThatKevinSmith here's what remains of @hitchBOT :

R.I.P. Hitchbot.

20. A woman sold her car for Justin Bieber tickets.

BuzzFeed Canada

Really?? Really. REALLY?!?!

21. We all saw Justin Bieber's dick.

In conclusion: Go fuck yourself, 2015.

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