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23 Times Canada Was A Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

A weird, beautiful gift.

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1. When Jackson sent this apology note.

Toronto Public Library / Via

2. When police raided this out-of-control party.

PillowFist / Via

3. When someone fixed this important PSA.

kpopman / Via

4. When we were very serious about location names.

5. When this aggressive tweet was posted.

feministjewishblogger / Tumblr / Via

6. When we had this important discussion.

7. When this plumber came up with the perfect advertisement.

Classic Signs / Via Facebook: classicsignsssm

8. When this realtor had superpowers.

9. When this politician ran this weird ad that had aliens in it.

WyattScott_MMFC / Via

10. When Canada Post had a reasonable excuse.

11. When we needed this warning label.

assbanditkirt / Tumblr / Via

12. When this Olympian made his entrance.

13. And when this Olympian began his routine.

14. When Heather had a devastating takedown for our former prime minister.

15. When this not-so-unusual incident occurred.

16. When our busiest highway elicited these responses.

17. When this detour happened...

18. ...But the store had a perfect reaction.

19. When we contemplated this terrible dilemma.

20. When Saskatchewan police had a catchy safety message.

21. When this vital Twitter account kept everyone up to date on crime.

22. When this is our actual prime minister.

Please enjoy this loop of Justin Trudeau saying "yaaaaaas."

23. And, of course, when an entire country mourned this precious baby angel who was taken much too soon.