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Nothing Is More Hilarious Than This Tumblr Thread About Highway Fucking 401

"This is the Dark Souls 2 of Canadian driving."

Ontario Highway 401 is often dubbed the busiest highway in the world. For Canadians trying to get to work in the morning, it is the concrete embodiment of Lucifer.

We literally have any freeway in Los Angeles beat — if that gives you a frame of reference.

So nothing is more real than this long Tumblr thread about "the fucking 401." It all started as an innocent factoid:

Until Canadians found it. And instantly knew.

It uncaged a lot of feelings about the Ontario—Quebec highway, also widely known as:

If you need the more accurate description or depiction, this Tumblr user could easily replace theirs with the one on Wikipedia:

+The already hell of Canadian winters:

+Aging on the road:

Americans, do you finally understand?

Highway 401 will really, really test you — especially if you are a Brit named Arthur.