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16 Reasons It's Time For Tempeh To Take Over Your Life

You can keep your soggy tofu, it's tempeh time.

jorjasmic 5 years ago

21 Things We All Want To Do, But Not Enough To Actually Do Them

It's like a bucket list minus the skydiving.

jorjasmic 5 years ago

11 Delicious And Sexy Martinis For Winter Nights

Because your snow day is missing one key ingredient.

jorjasmic 5 years ago

14 Expectations You Had About Your Twenties When You Were 9

That little you was quite the dreamer.

jorjasmic 5 years ago

23 Resolutions That Are On Every Twentysomething Girl's List

Time to stop drinkin' that hatorade and start working things out.

jorjasmic 5 years ago

18 Signs You're Too Settled At Your Day Job

You won't be there forever, but you're not ready to move on yet. For the moment, you're just too settled at your day job.

jorjasmic 6 years ago

The 20 Stages Of Accepting Your Film Degree

So you went and got yourself a degree in Film Studies. Let's recap on how that went.

jorjasmic 6 years ago