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18 Signs You're Too Settled At Your Day Job

You won't be there forever, but you're not ready to move on yet. For the moment, you're just too settled at your day job.

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1. Your desktop computer is more organized than your personal laptop

2. You already feel superior to newcomers

3. You have at least one piece of Tupperware in the fridge at all times, and people know its yours

My Cake, bitch.

My Cake, bitch.

4. You've entered into a living situation with a coworker


5. You've developed a work crush, and fantasized a whole relationship in your head

6. You've developed a keen sense of when free food will be arriving


7. You know how to fix the Keurig machine


8. You have at least one coworker who you feel comfortable sharing all your medical news with

9. You followed your supervisor on Instagram, and they followed you back

10. You know how to reach the IT department

11. And you know the HR staff by name because of all the times they've had to fix your paycheck

12. You've even learned your ADP password

13. You've started spending at least one hour a week on a personal project, and no longer have the fear


14. You've started to use the printer and fax machine for personal use, and no longer have the fear

15. You know where all the good stuff is kept, and you've started taking it home... and, you no longer have the fear

16. You actually know some of the company's goals

17. You've come in wearing whatever you're comfortable in now

18. You're so used to staying late that it no longer makes you angry

19. But at the end of it all, you know it's just a day job. So keep those paychecks coming for now.

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