23 Resolutions That Are On Every Twentysomething Girl’s List

Time to stop drinkin’ that hatorade and start working things out.

1. I will do more yoga…

…as soon as I find a gym with evening classes, good reviews, and is less than 10 minutes from my house.

2. I will wake up earlier on Saturdays…

…and, I suppose, get out of bed.

3. I will take better care of my cuticles.

Whatever that means.

4. I WILL get the confidence to ask out that guy.

When I’m tipsy?

5. I will get some Chelsea boots.

And they will change my life.

6. I’ll stop spending ALL my money at Whole Foods…

…unless it’s 10 p.m. and I really don’t feel like cooking.

7. I’ll definitely prioritize paying off that student loan/credit card debt…

…because giving money to giant corporations feels so good.

8. I will drink less wine.

On weekdays, at least.

9. I will finish that cutesy DIY project…

…as soon as the waking up earlier on Saturdays kicks in.

10. I will take leftovers to work more often.

Bye, Chipotle.

11. I WILL start that blog.

And ALL of the internet will love me.

12. I’ll stop eating cookies in bed at 3 a.m.

And, I guess, at all hours of the night.

13. I will be more organized.

I’ll make lists and shit.

14. I will finally try ombre.

It will also change my life.

15. I will negotiate with my boss and stop being a pushover.

Can I work from home like, one day a year?

16. I’ll look into grad school programs.

Maybe philosophy?

17. I’ll finally get that checkup I need.

It’s past time for peeing in cups all over the place.

18. I will cook at home once a week.

That endless supply of fridge kale will get used up.

19. I’m going to call my mom back more often…

…and tell her that life is perfect.

20. I’ll switch from coffee to green tea.

No caffeine crash? Is that possible?

21. I’ll finally give those old clothes to charity.

One of those organizations that picks it up at my house.

22. I’m going to stop caring that best friend from home is now engaged/pregnant/skinny.

There’s no way she’s *really* happy.

23. I WILL figure my life out.

I will be the next Kate Middleton.

Well, that was a hard list to write.

How about some wine?

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