14 Expectations You Had About Your Twenties When You Were 9

That little you was quite the dreamer.

1. So, once upon a time you were a very little human with very few problems.

2. And now, you’re some sort of twentysomething. Good for you.

You made it this far, so at least that’s cool.

3. But let’s face it - you had some expectations about what things would be like as you grew up. For example…

4. 1. I’ll probably have a HOUSE

5. 2. I’ll have a CAR

6. 3. My fridge will be full of ICE CREAM

7. 4. And I’ll eat nothing but CHOCOLATE

Yeah… no

8. 5. I’ll magically know how to cook ANYTHING


9. 6. I’ll probably be FAMOUS?

Doesn’t matter for what reason

10. 7. Let’s face it, by that age I’ll probably have babies

Via 20th Century Fox / swotti.com

11. 8. And of course, I’ll have found my soulmate

Kissing, on the other hand, still seems very gross

12. 9. Dogs. DOGS DOGS DOGS.

Via hans surfer photography / flickr.com


13. 10. By then I’ll have ALL the money

Can’t be that hard to get

14. 11. And my dream job

15. 12. And by then I’ll probably have seen MOST of the world

16. 13. Most importantly, I won’t have to get up every morning for SCHOOL

or any boring reason

17. 14. And I will be free from my parents until the end of days

Via HBO / youtube.com

^ until this happens

18. Just remember… be careful what you wish for, ‘cos you just might get it

Via Interscope Records / Wordpress

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