The 20 Stages Of Accepting Your Film Degree

So you went and got yourself a degree in Film Studies. Let’s recap on how that went.

1. You started out with a passion for film and no one was going to stop you.

2. Your parents were supportive…ish?

3. On the first day of class, you stormed in ready to direct a movie

4. You looked around for awesome people to make friends with, but… everyone was kinda nerdy.

5. As time went on, you learned that all you’d be doing is essays

6. And… even more essays

7. As much as you wanted to care, you still fell asleep during Blade Runner/ Battleship Potemkin/ Metropolis/ Citizen Kane

8. You used the term “Mise-en-scene” over 300 times in your first week of learning it

9. You learned that none of your professors had any useful industry contacts

10. Renting films from the library became a chore

11. Nevertheless, eventually you GRADUATED!

12. Upon entering the real world, you struggled to find that dream job as Production Assistant/ Writer’s Assistant/ Studio Intern

13. You took a temporary job while pursuing your filmmaking dreams on evenings and weekends

14. You were embarrassed when ‘real’ people asked you your major

15. While you were saving up for that HD Camera, your Finance/ Law/ IT friends were rolling in the dough

16. And when you could afford rent least, you found out you have to repay your student loans

17. But after months (or even years) of trying you got a minimum wage internship at a small production company

18. And you worked your way up from there

19. Your short film being accepted into a film festival is still cooler than anything your friends are doing

20. In the end, you’ll be doing awesome stuff while everyone around you is pulling a 9-5. And let’s face it, you just spent 4 years watching movies.

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