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"SNL": Stefon Has An Epic, Emotional Goodbye – With An Anderson Cooper Cameo

Finally, we get to meet Blow J. Simpson, DJ Baby Bak Choy and the rest of New York's hottest clubbers. The ultimate SNL chameleon signed off, too.

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Saying goodbye is always hard, but at least we know the story of Stefon and Seth has a happy ending.

On the occasion of Bill Hader's last Saturday Night Live (at least as a cast member), his signature character, Stefon, received some important closure. With his wild, genius – even revolutionary – club suggestions and sexual advances scorned once more by "Weekend Update" anchor Seth Meyers, Stefon finally stood up for himself, running off to wed another man who truly loved him. What happened from there was truly magic.

This sketch has everything: Anderson Cooper, Blow J. Simpson, Alf in a trenchcoat, a coked up Gremlin, DJ Bak Choy, Smurfs, a Graduate reference and even some Amy Poehler. It truly was a celebration.

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Also signing off was longtime star Fred Armisen, whose ability to play absolutely anyone or anything made him a hit on so many other shows that he could no longer devote enough time to SNL, which he powered for 11 glorious seasons. He chose a relatively new character, angry British punk (and unlikely Thatcherite) Ian Rubbish for his swan song, but it was quite fitting; the musical theme allowed his Portlandia partner (and Sleater-Kinney legend) Carrie Brownstein to join him on stage.

Also in on the act were fellow indie rock luminaries Kim Gordon, Steve Jones, Aimee Mann, and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

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