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How To Make A Sundance Hit On Your Very First Try

Charlie McDowell's feature film debut, The One I Love, manages to tell a familiar story in a new (and very complicated) way. The filmmaker, screenwriter, and stars Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass explain how it all came together.

Jordan Zakarin 6 years ago

David Cross Takes Aim At Self-Absorbed Social Media

“I don’t give a fuck, it’s a waste of my time, and I guess I’ll keep writing movies about how lame you are.” The alt-comedy icon made his directorial debut with the Sundance film Hits, which delivers a few brutal shots at fame and Facebook in the 21st century.

Jordan Zakarin 6 years ago

21 Sundance Movies You Need To Know About

We saw a looooot of movies at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and these are the ones that you'll be hearing about this year. In no particular order!

Kate Aurthur 6 years ago

Mark Duplass' Guide To Sundance Film Festival Success

While preparing to head to the Park City festival for a whopping 11th time, the veteran actor-director-producer talked to BuzzFeed about his new movie with Elisabeth Moss and offered tips to optimize the Sundance experience.

Jordan Zakarin 6 years ago