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The Same Fake Potato Chip Brand Is In A Mind-Blowing Number Of TV Shows

Manufactured and sold by ISS Prop House, Let's Potato Chips are a staple on both sitcoms and dramas. They cost $40 per big bag, $20 for a small bag, and all of Hollywood is buying them.

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No show has utilized Let's as much as Community, which has used it again and again as part of its barrage of inside jokes about television and pop culture. For Community, Let's isn't a trademark-safe replacement; it actually plays into story lines and extra tidbits, like the one below:

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Here Are Other Shows to Which ISS Has Sold Let's Potato Chips

10 Things I Hate About You

The Ringer


Let's Stay Together


The Mentalist

Melissa and Joey


The Bill Engvall Show

Brothers and Sisters

Inside the Box

Better Off Ted

Make or Break It

There are others out there, too; props tend to get passed around from set to set. If you know any, or have any photos/screen grabs, mention them in the comments!

Oh, and buy your own right here.