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45 Of The Most Iconic Memes Of 2018 (So Far)

Memez for dayz.

1. Is This a Pigeon?

2. Tide Pods:

3. Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket:

4. Next Thing I Knew, I Was Pregnant:

Twitter: @wtvrose / Via Twitter: @wtvrose

5. Evil Patrick:

Me leaving the pot in the sink because “it needs to soak”

6. Squinting Woman:

*store SEEMS closed* me trying to see the store hours without getting out of my car:

7. Left Exit 12 Off Ramp:

8. Gym Kardashian:

9. Tired SpongeBob:

10. Government Agent Watching Me:

the government agent that is assigned to me while im playing my playlist when im in the shower

11. Michaela Coel Smirk:

Twitter: @winonadickryder / Via Twitter: @winonadickryder

12. Do You Look at Your Man Like This?

I look at myself in the mirror like this when I’m drunk

13. Ladies, Imagine This:

LADIES imagine this, It’s 20 years from now. Your daughter is about to get married. You don’t have a husband but three men that might be her father show up on your Greek island. It’s chaos. Pierce Brosnan is singing. It’s Mamma Mia

14. Infinity War Is the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History:

Twitter: @thebobpalmer / Via Twitter: @thebobpalmer

15. Jennifer Garner's Realization:

When you’re having a good time and realize you forgot to thaw the chicken for your mama

16. If You Don't Love Me:

if you then you don't love don't deserve me at my me at my

17. People Who Thank the Bus Driver:

u/zenerations / Via

18. Yodel Kid:

19. Trumpet Boy:

has any picture summed up Twitter as well as this one

20. Sexual Identity Poll:

i’m: ⚪️ gay ⚪️ straight ⚪️ bisexual 🔘never gonna give you up

21. Prince William and Kate Waving:

22. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Waving:

23. I Don't Feel So Good/Disintegration:

24. BBQ Becky:

25. Prince Harry's Ex:

When your ex gets married and you’re at the wedding

26. Is This Your King?:

27. Confused Cardi B:

“I went to school with you & we had class together”

28. Gorl:

29. LeBron James's NBA Finals Reaction:

When the Chopped contestant goes to the ice cream machine

30. Blue Ivy Shushing Beyoncé and Jay-Z:

Blue Ivy like, “No, we don’t clap for others. They clap for US”!!! 😂😂

31. Captain America "So, You Got Detention":

32. Pissed-Off Peppa Pig:

Twitter: @staynsee_ / Via Twitter: @staynsee_

33. Sassy Cheerleader:

white feminists after drawing a uterus on a poster

34. Trump and Macron Planting a Tree:

35. Google Arts and Culture Face Match:

36. American Chopper Argument:

Twitter: @transscribe / Via Twitter: @transscribe

37. Karma's a Bitch:

Hello it is Friday and I am here with the latest Chinese meme: “karma’s a bitch” Here are some of the best ones:

38. It's Over for You Bitches:

once i fix my sleep schedule, start eating healthy, get physically fit, beat depression, stop procrastinating, learn how to do taxes, get mentally strong enough to make phone calls, then it’s over for you bitches

39. By Age 35:

By age 35 you should have a huge box of cables but you can't throw them out because you're pretty sure you still need a couple of them but you're not sure which ones

40. Thicc Mark Zuckerberg:

mark zuckerburg got that WAGON 😨

41. Super Bowl Selfie Kid:

42. “What the Hell Is Going On” Snapchat Map:


43. Miss Vanjie:


44. If I Was on Queer Eye:

If I was on Queer Eye: Bobby: have u ever hung up clothes ever Jonathan: weekly face masks aren’t a substitute for daily skincare Karamo: this is some record breaking low self esteem Antoni: ur veins are filled w coffee Tan: u can’t just wear the exact same black skirt every day

45. Is Your Child Texting About:

Is your child texting about @olivegarden? Here’s a quick guide to find out: OG: Olive Garden LMAO: love me an olive LOL: lots of lasagna ROFL: ravioli or flavorful linguine BRB: breadsticks rock, bro WTF: where’s the fettuccine STFU: some tiramisu for us

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