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    Please Help, I Can't Stop Watching Yodel Kid Memes

    *Only answers to the name sweet daAaAaAddy*

    It all started with this simple video: A spaghetti-shaped boy wearing size 12 cowboy boots and yodeling about sweet daddies at the endcap of a dang Walmart.

    I laughed. I moved on.

    And then I found this: A strange stranger in a stranger shower relating to my heart, my soul.

    me when i 1st saw the walmart yodeling boy: well this is new me after watching it 7 more times:

    Who is she? Is she me?

    The EDM remix, my god. This became the pulse in my veins, my reason for living.

    There should probably be some sort of law prohibiting this

    Then the reactions to the remix! How could it get any better than this?

    *walmart yodel remix starts playing at the club* me:

    Then the MEMES! The SWEET, SWEET memes!!!

    Damn I guess he ain’t performing today 😞

    The memes rained down on me like a midsummer storm.

    I danced in the droplets.

    I was reborn.

    “are you ready for your vocal lessons?” beyoncé gulped. mariah shuddered. ariana blinked nervously. “yes, yodeling boy from walmart” they said in unison.

    I even hate-watched this one a few times. (YOU MUST ELEVATE THE ART, NOT WEAR IT LIKE A COSTUME).

    Bro we fr ran into the yodeling kid at walmart

    This one brought real tears to my eyes.

    I choked; I gagged.

    I died and I lived.

    I saw god.

    she was fearless and crazier than him, she was his queen, and god help anybody that dared to disrespect his queen

    When I returned to my body, days had passed.

    I was older but not wiser.

    ellen rushing to find the yodelling walmart kid

    Honestly these memes rearranged my reality. Now Tom Hiddleston seems marginally less talented than a boy wearing a belt buckle the size of Texas.


    Everything is different now.

    Me: I hate country Walmart yodel boy: sweet daaaAaaAaady such a beautiful dream Me:

    Things will never be the same.

    me when im at walmart and hear the yodeling boy start singing from the other side of the store

    And I welcome this new world that I'm now a part of.

    we made the walmart yodel boy on sims