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    People Are Using This Spongebob Meme To Rate Things And It's Hilarious

    "Y'all can't change my mind on this."

    Nickledeon's show SpongeBob SquarePants has brought us many memes, and this time it's the Chum Bucket vs the Krusty Krab. People have been using the Krusty Krab as a blueprint for the best and the Chum Bucket for the worst.

    For example, Twitter's night mode vs the basic mode.

    Once you go night mode on twitter you’ll never go back.

    The better Cheetah Girls vs the one without Raven.

    Spotify vs Apple Music.

    Criminal Minds vs Law & Order.

    Old Snapchat vs new Snapchat.

    Well here’s one I think we could all agree on 🤔

    Power vs Empire.

    And apple juice vs orange juice.