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    10 Times Confused Cardi B Accurately Described Your Feelings

    Cardi B blinking >> White guy blinking

    At the Grammy Awards this past Sunday, Cardi B was interviewed by Giuliana Rancic about her verse on "Motorsport" and honestly it was a little bit awkward.

    A good debate to what was more hilarious here: Giuliana Rancic awkwardly trying to remember a Cardi B line in "Mo…

    @sluggahjells / Via Twitter: @sluggahjells

    But because the internet is, well, the internet, Cardi B's confused reaction to the interview has now been turned into a meme.

    Cardi B trying to figure out what the hell Giuliana Rancic is talking about is a mood

    @CraigSJ / Via Twitter: @CraigSJ

    Confused Cardi B really sums up a lot of awkward moments.

    When he’s telling you the story of how he could’ve been a footballer but got injured

    @Jamilaaa_ / Via Twitter: @Jamilaaa_

    Like when the edible hits and you're trying to act normal.

    me when im high trying to listen to my friends

    @ehjovan / Via Twitter: @ehjovan

    Or when you're stuck in a conversation with someone who loves to overshare.

    when you say hi and they start spilling out their life story.

    @FUCCI / Via Twitter: @FUCCl

    It describes that feeling when you're not really understanding the material your teacher is going over.

    When you ask your teacher for 1 on 1 help and still dont get it

    @iAintFunnyHo / Via Twitter: @iAintFunnyHo

    And when someone tries to come for you on Twitter.

    this person with 1 (One) follower just told me my twitter “career” is dead

    @GRIFFERS / Via Twitter: @GRlFFERS

    How about that awkward moment when you don't recognize an old classmate?

    “I went to school with you & we had class together”

    @JasmineKSM / Via Twitter: @JasmineKSM

    Or when you go to get an oil change and the mechanic won't stop talking.

    When the mechanic is explaining what’s wrong with your car, but you know you’re leaving after the oil change.

    @JaliyahB__ / Via Twitter: @JaliyahB__

    This gif is perfect for when your waiter keeps going over the specials for the evening.

    When the waiter is telling you the specials but you already know what you want to order...

    @AdrianNeenan / Via Twitter: @AdrianNeenan

    And for when someone decides to tell you about yourself and your eating habits.

    Listening to a vegan tell you about all the poison in your food knowing damn well you willing to die.

    @JasmynBeKnowing / Via Twitter: @JasmynBeKnowing

    Basically confused Cardi B is the perfect "oh shit, I'm supposed to be listening" reaction GIF and I'm going to be using it all of 2018.

    This is the official “pretending to listen” GIF

    @Phil_Lewis_ / Via Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_