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    33 Gifts Baby Boys (And Parents) Will Go Ga-Ga For

    Wagons, bottles, wipes, monitors, bibs, gliders, and a ton of toys for the tiny little baby person in your life.

    "Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. An easy-to-clean (phew) Oribel Cocoon three-stage high chair that'll grow with your child from six-months-old to three years. Folds up for easy storage and features six height adjustments and three reclining positions for feeding or napping.

    White and light blue high chair with two gray wheels

    2. A set of four soft and squishy waterproof BabyBibi floating baby bath books with squeaky noisemakers inside for teaching color-coordination with super fun illustrations of animals, plants, fruits, and veggies.

    3. A handmade and hypoallergenic felt whale baby nursery mobile so babies can fall asleep and wake up to some super cute narwhals and belugas floating between the waves and the clouds above their crib.

    A mobile of various gray and blue whales and waves with a silver moon at the center

    4. A pair of vegan leather Ten Little Everyday high top sneakers because your kid's first pair of kicks should be a little kick-ass and as any parent rushing to get the family out of the house will tell you, Velcro straps are a time (life) saver.

    Baby high top sneakers with velro straps in gray with white trim

    5. A Miniware Little Foodie "My First Cutlery Set" made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients to introduce the concept of fine dining (or at least not eating with your hands) to your child.

    Child's dining set including two plates, a bowl, fork, spoon, and bottle with straw

    6. A do-it-all Motorola full HD "Connectview 65 Plus" Wi-Fi video baby monitor with an over-the-crib mount for that top-down view of your baby along with the ability to scan the whole room with a digital pan and tilt. Or get up real close with the digital zoom.

    7. A multi-use silicone suction "Busy Baby" mat to attach baby's toys or pacifiers and prevent them from falling on the ground. Just think of the time that will be saved from having to constantly clean all the dirty things your child tries to put back in their mouth.

    8. A glass-framed baby handprint/footprint keepsake for designing your own precious memories with included gold paint, a paint brush, a name/date printing kit, and four interior color options. Just make sure to use it before the baby gets too big!

    White frame with baby photos and hand and footprint

    9. A nonallergenic, machine-washable, 100% organic cotton⁣⁣ Itsy Bitsy kids throw blanket so you can bundle your baby up in the stroller and, in time, tuck in your toddlers for some nap and/or snuggle time.

    A lime green throw blanket with black bugs pattern

    10. A power-reclining, spill-proof Nurture& nursery glider with a built-in USB charger and adjustable head support, because parents certainly need to be as comfortable and cozy as their babies during the overnight feedings.

    Gray plush glider chair

    11. A reversible, water-resistant, indoor/outdoor Bblüv playmat so babies can safely navigate and play on hardwood floors as they learn to crawl, stand, walk, and, of course, run everywhere.

    Baby model crawling on a multi-colored play mat

    12. An energy-efficient Coway Airmega 150 HEPA air purifier that cuts down on pollen, pollutants, and other allergens around the home, especially in the nursery.

    13. A mix-and-match SmartMax "My First Dinosaurs" magnetic building set for instant Jurrasic Park-like dino-building. As an added bonus, all SmartMax sets are compatible with each other!

    14. A BPA- and phthalate-free, food-grade silicone, waterproof, adjustable fit Mushie silicone baby bib to keep as much food as possible from falling on the floor or getting all over your very hungry baby (and saving you from yet another clothing change after every meal).

    An array of multi-colored silicon bibs

    15. A Paperclip quilted diaper bag backpack that totally doesn't look like a diaper bag but still has "tons of storage space, insulated pockets, removable cubbies, and mesh bags for those loose items" as well as a much-needed changing pad.

    16. A Haba rainbow ring wooden clutching toy made with an elastic band so the colorful pieces and be moved and made into different shapes. Just try keeping your hands off of it and let the kid play!

    Child model holding multi-colored wooden toy

    17. A two-pack of hygienic silicone Comotomo baby bottles to "mimic breastfeeding" and to help reduce "bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues." Plus they don't make a loud noise when your child knocks them from the table to the floor.

    Model's hands holding two baby bottles with lime green tops

    18. A pair of Beats Flex wireless earphones that, yes, do actually have wires but work like any pair of in-ear buds with up to 12-hours of battery life, USB charging, and that quality Beats sounds at a supremely affordable price point. The most important part, though, is that they make it much harder for your baby to hide them on you (and they'll do that)!

    Model wearing black Beats in-ear headphones

    19. An 18-pack of Hello Bello baby wipes, because while not the most glamorous of gifts, no new parent will reject extra baby wipes, especially these plant-based ones made with a 99%+ water formula. You never want to run out of these!

    Six packages of Hello Bello baby wipes

    20. A super soft and huggable Gund Toothpick Asher Dragon plush stuffed animal sure to become your baby's best friends and dragged everywhere they go.

    Blue stuffed dragon with sparkly wings and horns

    21. A Boppy nursing pillow to help not only with feeding but also propping babies up, moving them into tummy time, and helping them sit upright. That's one hard-working pillow.

    A model using a white nursing pillow with animal character to feed a child

    22. A foldable Munchkin nursery and toy UV sterilizer for killing up to 99% of germs and sanitizing your little one's favorite toys and stuffed animals as well as your phone in all of five minutes.

    23. An Angelcare baby bath support, because it's hella hard to clean squirmy little babies. Also, it's mildew-resistant and you can even hang it up in the shower to dry.

    Side-by-side image of an empty white and gray bath support next to one with a baby inside being bathed

    24. A time- and life-saving formula dispensing machine for mixing and warming consistently perfect formula-based ba-bas in a matter of mere seconds.

    Model putting bottle up to white and black formula machine

    25. A Skip Hop 3-Stage Interactive Activity Center packed with, well, a ton of activities which will grow with your child (and eventually turn into a play table).

    Child model standing next to white activity table with colorful toys attached

    26. A lightweight (but powerful), wood-grained finish Douni sleep sound machine with 24 southing sounds for keeping kids fast asleep at home and while traveling.

    A circular white noise machine with a wooden finish and a gray speaker on top

    27. A Polaroid Originals "Mandalorian Edition" camera to capture "the child" in your life with some instantly-tangible pictures to hang on your fridge. Plus, it kind of looks like a Star Wars droid when you look at the camera head-on.

    28. A four-pack of Bazzle Baby bandana bibs with cotton in the front, fleece in the back, and a BPA-free silicone soother on the end to keep all that drool contained (because it goes everywhere).

    29. A 100% organic-cotton Happiest Baby "Sleepea" five-second swaddle that's billed as "escape-proof" thanks to "extra-quiet Velcro." And the two-way zipper allows for diaper changes without having to remove the entire swaddle. So helpful!

    Child model in light blue sleep sack

    30. A set of five handmade woodland animal finger puppets constructed from eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials for entertaining little ones with an entire team of cute critters.

    Model's hand with five different felt animal finger puppets on each finger

    31. A Lovery activity gym and playmat (which is washable) for developing your baby's physical, cognitive, visual, and motor learning skills. So much fun (learning) packed in one playset.

    32. A BooginHead "Sleepy Sloth" baby gift set, because as a parent you've only got two hands and can use all the help you can get when it comes to your kid holding onto their brackets, bottles, and best (inanimate) friends.

    33. A Radio Flyer classic walker wagon that'll start as a toy storage option (thanks to removable wooden stakes) and then turn into a walker to help baby with their first little steps. Plus the front furniture bumper means your favorite chair or desk won't get dented.

    Model and child playing with red radio flyer wagon with side wood paneling

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